The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 342

Madelyn glanced at Ethan and quickly looked away, feeling guilty. She was not sure if it was because
she had used him or kept secrets from him.

Ethan said, “The doctors said it’s just appendicitis, nothing serious. You’ll be fine soon, okay? Just stay
here in the hospital-”

Interrupting him, Madelyn, looking down and leaning against the bed, stared at her hand on the
blanket. Her hair was a mess, and she looked pale and tired. “It wasn’t appendicitis; it was a

Ethan felt a wave of sadness wash over him. After saying that, Madelyn felt a bit better, but she still
could not bring herself to look at him. “The appendicitis surgery was a lie that I told my dad. I don’t want
to lie to you.”

“Why?” Ethan asked. Madelyn took a deep breath, looked Ethan in the eyes, and said slowly, “If my
dad knew I couldn’t have kids, I probably wouldn’t even get to finish high school, much less go to
college. After high school, I might even be sold off, maybe to older guys who already have families,
since it doesn’t matter to them whether or not I can have kids. She knew that what they really cared
about was that she was young and pretty, so they could keep her as a trophy wife. “So, yeah, I had to
hide it from him.”

‘Is this what the Jent family is really like?’ Ethan wondered, holding her ice- cold hand. “Madelyn… if
two people really love each other, it doesn’t matter if they have kids or not.” When she heard that, it felt
like her heart stopped for a second. She blinked, surprised, then smiled sadly.”

You don’t need to try and make me feel better. Everyone cares about stuff like this. Even the most
loving relationship can fall apart one day. The only reason I went to the Arnold family was to use your
power to get away from all this danger. I’m so sorry… I really didn’t want to lie to you.”

Ethan held her hand even harder. “I’m going to keep you safe, I promise. Ever since I told you how I
feel, I knew I’d always care about you, no matter what happens.”

Madelyn could not believe it. Nobody had ever told her that before. No one had ever assured her that it
was okay not to have kids. She herself had always been really worried about whether she could have

In her past life, she had been unable to have a baby. Even when she knew Zach was seeing other
women, she just ignored it. She told herself it was her fault she could not have a baby, so it made
sense for him to be with other women who could. She let him do it over and over, and never made a big
deal about it..

That evening, after school, Zach came to pick up Jadie. She told Zach about Madelyn, and they
decided to visit her at the hospital. But when they got there, the nurse said, “She already left with
someone.” There was no need to say who; they both knew full well who Madelyn left with.

Still worried, Jadie asked, “Madelyn hasn’t fully recovered yet, is it really safe for her to go home? What
if something happens?”

The nurse smiled and reassured her, ” Don’t worry, young lady. She was picked up by the CEO of
Arnold Corporation.”

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