The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 336

Madelyn still poured a bowl of fish stew for her. She placed a spoon for her and brought it to Evelyn,
saying, “Here, it’s fresh and hot. Do be careful.”

Evelyn commented, “It tastes quite nice.” Madelyn then asked her,” Are you lost?

Do you remember where you live?” At the same time, the sound of a car came from the door. Madelyn
heard the noise and went over to check. A Cayenne had been parked outside the gates. Ethan got out
of the car looking sickly but saw that the lights in the living room were still on. ‘Has she not slept yet?’
Ethan thought.

At the next second, the doors opened, and he saw Madelyn dressed in a white nightgown. The
moonlight shined on her skin, making it seem translucent. She walked over to him. The moment he
saw her, an inexplicable feeling erupted from his chest. It was warm, and he had never felt it before.

Ethan’s hand caressed the hair by her ears as he asked, “Why are you still not asleep even though it’s
already this late?”

Madelyn was stunned for a moment, and her hands subconsciously gripped the sides of her nightgown.
She then smiled and said, “I stewed some fish. It’s in the pot. Do you want to try it?” “You cooked it for
me?” Ethan asked. Leyton called out to Madelyn, “Ms. Jent.

“Leyton!” Ethan gave him a warning look, and Leyton immediately stopped talking. Madelyn noticed
something was off and thought, ‘Did something happen?’

Since it was clear they did not want her to know, Madelyn did not pry any further. Ethan held her hand
and said, ” Let’s go in. Madelyn said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. There’s a strange old lady here and
she seems to be lost.”

“Oh?” Ethan exclaimed. He walked to the foyer and saw the old woman drinking the stew at the dining
table. His expression froze for a moment. Evelyn looked over and said, “You’ve returned, Mr. Arnold?”

‘Does she also belong to the Arnold Family? It seems like she’s an Arnold family servant,’ Madelyn

“Let me get you some fish stew,” Madelyn walked into the kitchen and brought the whole pot out. Ethan
got up to help and then went to grab a bowl. He passed some cutlery to Madelyn.

“Thank you,” Madelyn said. “Thank you for your hospitality, little girl. I’m an old servant of the Arnold
family. I’ve grown old and can’t see very clearly, so I get lost quite frequently,” Evelyn said. Madelyn
offered, “Let me send you home.”

Ethan went along with this and said, ” I’ve already contacted someone to come fetch her. After we’re
done eating, go back to your room and rest. You still need to go to school tomorrow.

Ethan poured another bowl of stew for Madelyn. Madelyn noticed the dried- up blood on the back of his
hand. It blended with his tattoos, so it was hard to see unless she looked closely.

‘So he was out so late because he was in the hospital? No wonder he looks so pale,’ Madelyn thought.
The intimate scene they had would make anyone think they were a match made in heaven. Evelyn also
stared at Madelyn while sizing her up. Madelyn wondered why Evelyn was looking at her that way.
Eventually, George sent Evelyn back home.

After Madelyn finished eating and cleaning the dishes, she and Ethan went back to their separate
rooms. When she checked the time, it was already midnight.

Madelyn heard a quiet conversation from behind the doors as she was preparing to sleep. She moved
closer to the door to listen. George asked, “How much did Mr. Arnold eat?”

The servant answered, “This is his second bowl, but he only finished half of it. He said he has no
appetite.” George said, “Never mind. Mr. Arnold ate some fish earlier, so he shouldn’t be hungry yet.
You can leave now. After half an hour, watch over Mr. Arnold and make sure he takes his meds. Have
them cook oatmeal for tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Mr. Gibbon,” the servant obliged. The conversation ended, and Madelyn got back into her bed to
rest as worrisome thoughts ran through her mind.

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