The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 338

Coincidentally, a group of boys who had just finished playing basketball outside were walking over.
Forrest had a black sweatband on his forehead, carrying a basketball. His hair was still damp, chatting
with a couple of buddies by his side.

Seeing Madelyn stood by the bulletin board, those in the know were watching the drama unfold. Forrest
tossed the basketball, and Adrian caught it effortlessly.

Watching Forrest unhesitatingly leave his buddies behind and approach Madelyn, Adrian muttered,
“What’s so great about Madelyn? He doesn’t go to bars anymore, and he even quit gaming. He’s
changed completely since last semester. I think Forrest’s been possessed by someone else!”

Timothy adjusted the glasses on his nose and smiled softly without saying anything. ‘Forrest is just
keeping up with Madelyn’s pace. The person he loves is outstanding, so of course he has to do his
best too. Madelyn is his guiding light, and Forrest is following her.’

“Hey Madelyn, did you come to take a look because you were worried about me?” Forrest walked up to
her side.

“I just came to check the results. You did well on the test. Keep up the good work.” Leaving behind a
few words of praise, Madelyn was about to leave. Forrest asked, “You’re leaving just like that? No
reward for me?”

As Madelyn turned to leave, she said, ” Your reward will be having morning self -study sessions from
now on. I’m off to class.”

‘She’s really something else!’ Forrest thought. The school canceled the noon assembly, initiating a
significant class reshuffling. Forrest moved from the classrooms on the lower floor to the one next to

While Madelyn was engrossed in practicing problems, she noticed an elegantly tattooed hand tapping
her desk. “Madelyn, want to grab lunch?”

Madelyn responded without lifting her head, “No, you go ahead and eat. I bought some bread
downstairs, so I’ll have a quick bite while I finish these last few questions.”

Jadie happened to return from the restroom and saw Forrest leaning on the windowsill. “Hey, Forrest. I
heard you did well on the exam. Congratulations!”

Jadie smiled and continued, “Are you grabbing lunch with Madelyn? Let’s go together!” Madelyn had
already started eating the bread. Her mouth was full as she spoke, “I’m not going. You guys can go

Since Forrest did not manage to invite Madelyn, he did not go to the cafeteria with Jadie either. He
placed a bottle of milk on Madelyn’s table and left. After Madelyn finished her meal, less than half of the
students remained in the classroom.

After having a cup of water, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. Sensing something
was wrong, she quickly took a pack of tissues and went to the restroom.

Madelyn took her pants off in the stall and noticed blood stains on her underwear. “My period isn’t due
for another ten days or so. Could it be coming early?”

Madelyn went back to the classroom to get a sanitary pad. As she returned to the restroom, the
cramping pain became almost unbearable. In no time, the blood started flowing down her pantyhose.
Before she could enter the stall, a person came out from the other side. She saw Madelyn’s condition
and exclaimed in shock, “Aren’t you Madelyn from Class One? What’s wrong with you?”

Madelyn’s face quickly turned pale. She had gotten so weak that she could not even stand properly.
Suddenly, she remembered something. ‘During the winter break, I was supposed to undergo surgery,
but it got delayed.’

Madelyn grabbed the girl who came to help. She endured the pain and said, ” Could you please… help
me find Forrest? Tell him I’m not feeling well and need him to take me to the hospital.

“Sure!” The girl nodded and quickly ran out. It was class time, so Forrest rushed in not long after the girl
left. Seeing Madelyn’s lower body covered in blood, he immediately took off his jacket and wrapped it
around her waist to cover it, and lifted her up without asking anything. He borrowed a car from Adrian
and headed straight for the hospital. “Can you still hold on?”

Madelyn closed her eyes as she collapsed onto the car seat, as if all life had been drained out of her.

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