The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 337

Ethan was dressed in a gray shirt with a vest and held a suit jacket. Pinching his brow, he walked
down, looking like he had not rested well last night. He was surprised to see Madelyn sitting at the
dining table and leisurely having breakfast. Usually, she would have already left at this time. Madelyn
greeted the just-arrived Ethan, “Good morning!”

“Morning. Why haven’t you left yet?” Ethan asked. Madelyn said casually, “I forgot to charge my phone
and the alarm didn’t go off, so I overslept. But it’s okay, I’ve already taken leave for the class I missed.
Do you want to have some breakfast? The oatmeal today is nice.”

Ethan raised his wrist and checked the time. “Alright,” he responded as he hung his suit jacket on the
back of a chair and sat down.

After breakfast, Ethan drove Madelyn to school. She arrived just in time for the start of the next class.
Ethan leaned over and helped Madelyn unfasten her seatbelt. Madelyn said, “Thanks, I’ll go now.”

“Is the dismissal time the same as usual? Do you need me to pick you up?” Madelyn told Ethan, “I don’t
know either. After I withdrew from the Math Olympiad training class, Mr. Newton applied for a special
math class for me. I have classes in the evening too. I’m not sure what time it’ll end.”

Ethan nodded and said, “Sure, send me a message when your class ends. I might have to work
overtime tonight, and your school’s on my route home. Maybe we can go home together.” Madelyn
agreed, “Okay.”

After getting out of the car, Madelyn turned around again. Ethan looked at her and rolled down the car
window. ” What’s the matter?”

Madelyn tightened her grip on the strap of her backpack, “Ethan, remember to eat your meals on time
every day.”

Ethan thought she had forgotten something but had never expected her to say this. ‘Even such a
simple caring phrase from her makes me so happy.’ The warmth in Ethan’s eyes grew even more
pronounced as he smiled. “Okay.”

“I’m off!” Madelyn waved at him. As she turned to leave, she thought she would be the latest one to
arrive, but to her surprise, Jadie was even later. Jadie saw her and called out, “Madelyn!

Madelyn halted her steps, looking at the car not far from her. She casually averted her gaze, and Jadie
approached her with a bag of snacks. “How come you’re late today as well?” “I overslept,” said

“Thanks for yesterday. Zach got me some snacks. Let’s have them together! “Let’s go, or we won’t
make it to class.”

Upon arriving in the classroom, they discovered yesterday’s test papers had already been graded.
Madelyn had a relatively high score. She had ranked second in both the class and the entire grade.
Compared to last year’s exam, Madelyn had moved up one spot. Moreover, she was only one point
away from the first place. Her lowest score was in Venturian, with the most deductions in the written

In the afternoon, the overall ranking was posted on the bulletin board. As Madelyn happened to pass
by, she glanced at it casually. She used to look for Forrest’s name by starting from the bottom, but now
it took her some time before she eventually found it.

‘Forrest ranked first in class and sixtieth in the entire grade. He’s met the minimum requirements to
transfer to Class Two.’ After the winter break, Madelyn was finally seeing some improvement in Forrest.

After all, he was also a member of the Arnold family. She had to admit that they really had an
impressive family history. All of them had a natural aptitude for learning to some extent. In just a few

months of hard work, Forrest had achieved impressive results beyond what regular people were
usually capable of.

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