The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 335

“Did something happen to Ethan?” Madelyn asked. “I don’t know, madam.” the servant said. Madelyn
knew she would not get any information from them. Then, Madelyn called Leyton. After a while,
someone picked up the call, “Ms. Jent?”

“Are you guys working overtime?” Madelyn asked. Leyton stared at the person with an IV drip in the
hospital room. He hesitated momentarily before answering, “Mr. Arnold is in a meeting and will be back
later. You don’t need to wait for him, Ms. Jent.”

“Since Ms. Jent still has classes tomorrow, it would be best to go to bed early,” Leyton said. Leyton’s
tone was obviously weird. She also heard people crying from the other end, and it was pretty noisy

At eleven o’clock at night, a servant advised Madelyn, “Ms. Jent, you shouldn’t wait! It’s normal for Mr.
Arnold not to come back for a night. If you wait any longer, it won’t be good for your health.”

Madelyn continued to sit cross-legged next to the sofa and worked on her exercises with a pen in hand,
“It’s fine. I’ll wait for another half an hour. You can go ahead and rest.”

When the final servant had left, she suddenly saw a white-haired old lady by the door. She was
dressed plainly, but her eyes were bright and lively. She had a walking cane and was looking through
the windows. The servant was shocked and exclaimed, “Mrs. Arnold Sr.!”

Evelyn asked, “Is she the girl Ethan brought back?”

The servant answered, “Yes.”

“What’s she doing?” Evelyn continued to ask. “Mr. Arnold has yet to return, so Ms. Jent is waiting for
him,” the servant said. “Alright, you may leave,” Evelyn ordered. “Yes, Mrs. Arnold Sr.,” the servant

Madelyn heard some noise from behind her, so she turned around and saw an old woman. Evelyn
walked in with her cane. Her shoes and pants were covered in mud, and she looked disheveled.
Madelyn stood up with the help of the coffee table and surveyed her surroundings. Besides the
streetlights from outside, everything was pitch black and quiet. Madelyn had never seen her before,
and it was already eleven at night. This reminded her of a classic ghost movie, “The Village Corpse.”

“Ma’am, why are you not going home when it’s so late? Are you lost?” Madelyn asked. Her first
reaction was to look at the shadow on the ground, and she sighed in relief.

“Were you thinking that I was a ghost, little girl?” Evelyn asked. Madelyn was startled and replied, “No,
no!” She found that the old lady seemed pretty similar to her own grandmother, who also liked to stroll
at night instead of sleeping.

“I’m thirsty. Any water to drink?” Evelyn asked. “Of course, please wait a moment. I’ll pour some for
you,” Madelyn said.

‘The old lady looked so kind and gentle, yet she’s so fierce!’ Madelyn thought. She then went to the
kitchen and poured Evelyn a glass of warm water.

Madelyn then said, “Drink it slowly. Why don’t you sit for a while?” Then, Madelyn took a cushion out
and placed it on the sofa before saying, You can sit here.”

“You can’t stand that I’m dirty all over?

Evelyn asked. Madelyn quickly explained, “No, it’s just that it’s not my house. I’m just staying over. The
master of the house has yet to return, and if he comes back home to a dirty sofa, he might be unhappy.
If this was my house, I’d let you sit anywhere you want.”

Madelyn saw that the old lady was surveying the surroundings as if she herself was the owner of the
house before sitting on the sofa, ignoring the cushion. “The house does look nice, but it’s cold and
doesn’t feel homely,” Evelyn commented.

“What smells so good?” Evelyn suddenly asked. Madelyn yelped and said, “There’s fish in the pot
that’s been cooking for a while. Are you hungry? I can grab some for you.”

“It smells quite nice, and I’ve never tried it before,” Evelyn said. “Then, I’ll go grab some for you,”
Madelyn said as she walked to the kitchen. ‘What a peculiar old lady,’ she thought.

She assumed the old lady was Evelyn Anderson, but she acted too strangely to be her. Madelyn then
thought, Could she be someone’s grandmother who’s suffering from dementia and gotten lost?”

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