The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 333

Forrest tapped his plate with a skewer stick and said, “Stop interrupting. I’m asking you a question!”
Madelyn answered, “It’s nothing. My brother had a stomachache, so I accompanied him to the

When Madelyn lied, she lowered her head and avoided looking at others. Forrest knew this and
deduced something from this, ‘After strolling around the street market and having eaten so much, she
ended up at the hospital that night. She probably got food poisoning.”

Then, Forrest shouted at the stall owner, “Cancel the other food we ordered.” “Why!? I’m not full yet!”
Madelyn shouted back at him.

“I’m going to bring you somewhere with better food,” Forrest said.

“Then you should have left some for me,” Madelyn said. Suddenly, Forrest grabbed a fistful of
barbecue skewers before running off. He had left Madelyn with only a half- eaten sausage in her hand.
The stall owner quickly came over, fearing they would dine and dash. “Hey, kids, you haven’t paid yet!”

“It’s fine, I’ll pay. How much is it?” Madelyn said. The stall owner did some calculations and said, “Ten

Madelyn took out her wallet and paid before following Forrest. Forrest had slowed down his pace and
seemed to be waiting for her. Many students usually hung around this spot, and everyone saw Madelyn
walking with Forrest and eating nachos together.

“Could they be in a relationship!?” one of the students exclaimed. Another answered, “It might be
possible. Didn’t you notice that Forrest kept going to Class One last semester? Once school ended,
they would even go to the library together.” “I actually think they look quite good together,” yet another
student said.

“But I heard from my father that the Jent family formed a connection with the heir of the Arnold
Corporation, who’s only been in his position for less than a year. Back when there were rumors
regarding Madelyn, she got suspended but still returned to school afterward. In fact, she was even sent
to school by that very same Arnold Family heir,” Another student explained.

“My god, is that true? That means Madelyn’s got some real game! She has the number one magnate
family of Ventropolis under her very thumb!” The student exclaimed.

On the other hand, Forrest had taken her to a seafood shop with a better environment. There were all
types of fish there and numerous ways to cook them. The meal cost more than two hundred bucks, and
Forrest paid for it all.

Madelyn took a hundred bucks from her wallet and gave it to him, “I can’t have you pay for everything.
Let’s go Dutch for this meal!”

“Yo, why are you being so polite with me, Madelyn? I’ll take it anyway,” Forrest said. Madelyn was
afraid he would refuse it, so she was relieved when he accepted.

At the same time, a suspicious person stood in the shadows, focusing a camera lens and taking
pictures of Madelyn and Forrest entering the shop for a meal. They then sent the photo to a certain
email address.

At the Arnold Corporation, Ethan saw the picture that had been sent over, and his expression
darkened. Leyton said, “Mr. Arnold, there’s been news from Avalon. She’s escaped from the hospital by
herself. The bodyguards who were watching her are unable to track her.”

Ethan loosened the tie on his neck and said, “Keep track of the recent domestic flight schedules. Once
you get news of her, send her back immediately.

He continued, “If she won’t listen to reason, then recall all her bodyguards and let her fend for herself in

Leyton nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Arnold!” Ethan thought, ‘Haven’t you learned your lesson from last
night’s incident, Forrest?’

He looked at the pictures of Madelyn. She was smiling from the heart and was more relaxed than he
had ever seen her. They were in front of the stalls,

eating skewers and drinking cokes. There were also pictures of them at the restaurant, where Forrest
even helped her remove the fish bones and brought her food.

They were like a couple madly in love. In the eyes of the public, they looked like a match made in
heaven. He had never seen Madelyn smile so happily

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