The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 320

Forrest and Madelyn strolled into the bustling street market and spotted a monkey performing at the
roadside. They paused to watch for a moment.

Spectators were dropping money into a bowl, and when it filled up, the monkey picked it up and
handed it to its owner. All the money found its way into the owner’s pocket. Someone had a two- dollar
bill in hand, and the monkey took it, giving a polite bow to the giver. Madelyn’s interest was piqued. ”
Forrest, do you think it actually understands human speech?”

Forrest shot her a look that said, “Are you serious?” and gently tugged her away. Protesting, Madelyn
said, “What are you doing? I haven’t seen enough!” “What’s so fascinating about a monkey act? Let’s
keep moving.”

“I want to watch a bit longer.”

“Not worth it.” “But I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Suddenly, Forrest halted and released her.
“You really want to watch?” Madelyn nodded, insisting, “Just for a little while!”

“Fine, I’ll give you five minutes. Otherwise, we won’t have time to explore. The vendors will be packing
up after today.”

“How considerate of you. Do you have any money?” Forrest knew she wanted to give a tip,” Huh, she’s
truly kind-hearted.’

He patted his pockets and then reached into his wallet. Biting his glove, he took it off before opening
the wallet. Without even glancing, he retrieved two bills and handed them to her.” Enjoy the tipping.”

Madelyn was somewhat taken aback. 11 You’re giving me two hundred bucks just like that? Is money
that easy to come by for you?”

She thought, ‘Plus, the hundred-dollar bill is relatively new, not commonly seen yet, and he’s handing
them out like it’s nothing. Clearly, he’s never experienced financial hardship. He’s far too extravagant.
Regular people in Venturia earn only a few tens of dollars an hour.’ Madelyn asked, “Don’t you have
any smaller bills?”

After carefully checking his wallet, Forrest shook his head, “Should I go find change then?” “No need.
It’s probably impossible to get change for a hundred-dollar bill.” Suddenly, Forrest found a coin from the
depths of his wallet. “Fifty cents.

Want it?” “Sure.” Madelyn accepted it with delight, pivoted, and dropped the coin into the monkey’s
collection bowl.

Forrest observed her actions and couldn’t help but feel that only she would do something like giving
away money. ‘But… at least she knows how to save me some cash!’ he mused to himself.

While such occurrences might be commonplace for most people, they were novel experiences for
Madelyn. She was akin to a princess confined to a castle. She could lead the life many yearned for, but
the stipulation was that she couldn’t step beyond the castle walls.

After tipping the monkey, she ran back to Forrest. Forrest looked at her with a smile, ” You’re so happy
just for giving someone money.”

Madelyn nodded, “Yes. And now… where to?” Forrest replied, “You’ll see when you follow me. Just
stay close!”

In a quaint eatery, the owner set down two plates of macaroni and cheese. Yvonne handed a fork to
Zach, who was seated across from her. “What are you staring at?” She turned her gaze to the window,
where there wasn’t much to see.

He withdrew his attention, his expression unchanged, and continued eating with his fork. “This is the
‘nice place’ you were talking about?”

Yvonne nodded, “Yes. Can’t you sense the liveliness? Today’s the last day of the bazaar. If you don’t
accompany me, you’re in trouble!”

She added, “Also, the mac and cheese here is incredibly tasty. I used to come here often. This owner’s
cooking is superb. You won’t find a second place like this in Ventropolis.”

Zach’s demeanor subtly shifted. His voice remained indifferent as he spoke, “After we finish eating, I’ll
take you back. I don’t have time to wander around with you.”

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