The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 329

Zach drove Madelyn to the hospital. Then, he registered for her and escorted her to the emergency
room. By the time Madelyn was done, it was nearly three o’clock in the morning.

After Zach escorted Madelyn inside, he went outside to answer a call and still had not returned. The
nurse removed the IV from Madelyn’s arm and said, Watch what you eat in the future. Your stomach
can’t handle overly stimulating food, especially spicy ones. “Alright. Thanks.”

Madelyn did not see Zach in the ward. ‘It seems like he isn’t back yet. He left after picking up the call
just now,’ she thought.

Madelyn left the ward and saw a woman walk out of the washroom. The woman stopped at the ward
opposite Madelyn’s. Just as she was about to open the door, she suddenly fainted. Madelyn quickly
caught the woman before she hit the ground, “Ma’am?! What’s wrong?”

The woman was beautiful and had soft facial features. She also smelled faintly of jasmine flowers.
However, she seemed weak and frail. The woman opened her eyes in a daze. Madelyn quickly helped
her up and stared into the woman’s eyes, feeling a sense of familiarity.

Madelyn helped the woman into the ward and onto her bed before she rang the nurse’s bell. A nurse
quickly came and ran a series of tests on the woman. The nurse set up an IV drip for the woman and
said, “She’s fine. It’s just a case of low blood sugar.”

The nurse turned to her. “Ma’am… Did you skip your meal again tonight?” Sylvia coughed, “I’m fine.
This isn’t the first time. Thank you for your help.”

“You can’t keep doing this. You need to eat a little, at the very least. I’ll have someone bring you some

Sylvia nodded and had a small smile, ” Thank you.”

“No worries.”

After the nurse left, Sylvia turned to Madelyn. “Thank you, child. What’s your name?” “I’m Madelyn
Jent. Since you’re fine, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Thank you, Madelyn!”

Madelyn smiled lightly, “No worries.”

Sylvia watched Madelyn leave.

‘She really is a good-looking girl.

Forrest has good taste,’ she thought. Madelyn walked out of the ward and saw Zach talking to a nurse
in the hallway to the elevator. However, he did not look happy. He emitted an air of hostility, which
seemed to be frightening the nurse.

‘I wonder what happened,’ thought Madelyn. She walked closer and heard Zach angrily say, “Didn’t I
tell you to watch her? Now that she’s missing, you’re telling me you don’t know where she’s gone? Is
this your hospital’s solution to the problem?”

“Please calm down, Mr. Jardin. We’ve already sent someone to check the security footage.” The nurse
noticed Madelyn behind them. She had already changed out of her hospital gown.

“Ms. Jent?!” the nurse exclaimed. Zach frowned and turned to look at her. Under his intense gaze,
Madelyn felt a chill run down her spine.

He icily questioned her, “Where’d you go just now?!” Madelyn answered without meeting his gaze, “To
the washroom.”

‘The washroom? The nurse just came out of the washroom, and nobody was in there. Besides, there’s
a washroom in the ward. So which washroom did she go to?’ wondered Zach.

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