The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 331

Zach finally got off Madelyn and yelled, “Get lost!” Madelyn put on her shirt and immediately got out of
his car, leaving behind the medication she had gotten from the hospital.

Rosario was tidying up the living room. When she saw Madelyn rushing inside, looking as if she had
cried, she asked, ‘ What’s s wrong, Madelyn?”

Madelyn did not answer and ran upstairs. That night, Madelyn did not see Zach. On the day that Zach
and Jadie left, Madelyn was chatting with some of the relatives who had come to visit. She was worried
her father would ask her to send them off, so she pretended she did not see them and went to the

Madelyn spent the day in peace. Madelyn’s father personally hosted the Azure Corporation’s annual
company gala this year. She showed up at the gala with her father as the company’s heiress. Madelyn
looked stunning and impressed everyone, including the directors who partnered with Azure

Rather than calling the event an annual company gala, it was more like an event for Hayson to select
his future in- laws. To him, if Madelyn could not get into the Arnold family, letting her marry into a family
that matched the Jent family’s wealth and could partner with the Azure Corporation was a good idea,

After all, a single Arnold family was worth ten Jent families, so the Arnold family was indeed out of the
Jent family’s league.

No man could resist Madelyn’s beauty. Not only were the young men drawn in by her beauty, but even
middle-aged men of Hayson’s age looked at her with inappropriate gazes.

Madelyn hated occasions like these, yet she had no choice but to attend. She exchanged contact
information with several wealthy young men.

Hayson had already gone to chat with other people, leaving Madelyn all alone. She was worried people
would bother her, so she made up an excuse and hid in the restroom, not leaving until the event was
over. The drive back home reeked of alcohol.

‘I only left for a while. Why does he look so unhappy?’ wondered Madelyn. Madelyn was afraid of him.
She thought he was furious because she was not present at the banquet. Madelyn clutched the hem of
her dress and nervously apologized, “Father…

I’m sorry!”

“How much do you know about Zach and Jadie?” “Huh?” Madelyn was confused. Moments later, she
finally said, “I don’t. What’s the matter?”

Hayson pinched the center of his brows. He had a solemn expression and did not answer. Madelyn did
not press any further.

She had only learned about Zach and Jadie’s relationship when the new school term started.
Ventrocloud High School started its new school term.

Meanwhile, Ethan had come back a day before the new school term and said he wanted to spend the
day with her. He showed up at the Jent residence that same day to pick her up. Then, the two went for
dinner together.

It was eight-thirty at night when Ethan and Madelyn arrived at the most expensive French restaurant in

Ethan cut up the steak into pieces and put them on Madelyn’s plate. Meanwhile, Madelyn slowly
chewed the steak pieces he gave her. Suddenly, her phone rang.

Madelyn glanced at her phone. It was a call from Zach. At first, she did not want to answer the phone,
but after some thought, she apologized to Ethan and left the table to answer the call. “What?” Madelyn
did not even want to address him by name anymore.


To her surprise, instead of Zach, Jadie’s voice came from the other end of the line. ‘Why’s Zach’s
phone with Jadie? He never lets anyone else use his things,” wondered Madelyn.

“Jadie? What’s the matter?”

“Madelyn, the new school term starts tomorrow. Zach and I aren’t in Ventropolis and we might not make
it back in time. Could you please let Ms. Hann know?”

“Of course! No problem,” Madelyn said. Then, she heard Jadie say on the other end of the line, “Zach,
could you please get me a towel?”

Madelyn was speechless.

“Sorry. What did you say? I didn’t quite hear you,” said Jadie. “I understand. I’ll speak to Ms. Hann and
help you apply for leave.”

“Thanks, Madelyn.”

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