The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 328

Madelyn had her hair casually pinned up with a few strands loosely falling by her ears. She wore a
white cashmere nightgown and a hoodie with two long rabbit ears on the hood. Zach looked at her with
a dark and unreadable gaze.

Madelyn had drunk a lot of water. She set the cup down and prepared to go back to her room. As she
turned around, she saw him looking at her. She was worried that he would lose his temper and do
horrible things to her again. Zach stared at Madelyn.

A voice in his head reminded him,’ That’s what Hayson did to Noelle back then! He’s a piece of scum!”
The voices rang in his mind.

“How many lives has he taken? He’s a monster!”

“Is it because of Madelyn Jent?”

“Hah! I should’ve guessed!”

“Zach, you’ve fallen for Madelyn!” ‘Fallen for her? Never. She’s just a disposable pawn to me,’ he
thought. Madelyn swallowed hard. Just as she tried to quickly walk past him, he suddenly grabbed her

His gaze on Madelyn was totally different from the usual. Before this, Zach’s usual gaze would be
lustful, angry, and mischievous, but she would always be able to determine his intentions toward her.
Now, Zach’s incomprehensible expression made Madelyn feel uneasy. “What… What’re you trying to

Suddenly, Zach grabbed her hand and dragged her into the washroom on the first floor. Madelyn did
not dare to call out for help because she would be in trouble if her father found out. Zach pinned
Madelyn against the wall.

“Zach, stop messing around! My stomach hurts!” ‘If you’re not careful, I’ll take a dump all over you,’ she
thought. However, Madelyn obviously could not express such a crude and vulgar thought out loud.

Before Zach could do anything else, Madelyn suddenly clutched her stomach. He paused. Madelyn
looked a little pale, “Get out. I need to use the toilet.”

She was worried that she would not be able to hold it in. Zach frowned, a brief hint of disgust in his
eyes. “Go outside. We’ll talk when I’m done using the toilet,” Madelyn said as she pushed Zach out of
the washroom and closed the door.

Half an hour later, Madelyn finally came out of the washroom as Rosario stood at the door waiting for

“My child, you could’ve gotten Mr. Jardin to get you the medicine for your stomach ache when I wasn’t
around! The medicine in the cabinet had already expired! Didn’t you check?”

Rosario helped Madelyn to the couch and poured her a glass of water. Madelyn clutched her stomach
and curled up on the couch.

“I didn’t know. It hurts, Rosario!” she whined. “Bear with it a little longer. Mr. Jardin has gone upstairs to
get the car keys. He’ll take you to the hospital in a bit.”

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