The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 322

Madelyn didn’t find the eatery unpleasant. She thought it was difficult to spot in a place like this. After
only a little bit of time eating, the other people at the other tables were done with their food and left.
Now, only Madelyn and Forrest were still in the restaurant.

The person who owned the restaurant was an old man in his sixties. He had on reading glasses and
seemed to be sewing something. He was having a hard time getting the thread through the needle. He
went over to Forrest and asked, “Forry, could you help me? My eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be.”

Forrest had just finished eating, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and got up, saying, “What do you need
to sew? Let me check it out.’ “It’s a piece of clothing. It got a hole from a nail last time, but it can still be

“What about your wife?” “She went out to walk the dog. She won’t be back for a bit.” Forrest took the
place where the owner had been sitting, picked up an old, blue piece of clothing.

Madelyn was surprised that Forrest knew how to sew. After she finished eating, she got up and went
over, watching him as he got the thread through the needle and put his elbows on the counter.

Forrest looked up and met her eyes, saying, “What’s going on? Haven’t you seen someone sewing
clothes before?”

Madelyn nodded, “I didn’t think you would know this! You’re pretty impressive.” Forrest laughed and
said, “It’s not a big deal. I just need some practice.”

She thought, ‘Some practice?’ Madelyn had thought that since Forrest was a rich kid from the Arnold
family, he would just throw away old clothes.

Forrest was different from what she thought. To someone who didn’t know him, with the tattoos on his
arms and how he looked rebellious, they might not think he was a good person.

Seeing him sewing clothes now was like seeing a completely different side of him, and it was really
surprising. She couldn’t quite explain it, but all she could think was, ‘He’s so wild and carefree most of
the time, doesn’t seem to care much about school, but here he is, sewing clothes with a needle and
thread like it’s nothing.’

Forrest finished sewing the cuff, and you couldn’t even tell that the clothes had been torn. The owner
praised him, “Forry, you’ve got some serious skills.”

Forrest just smiled and said, “Thanks.” As Forrest and Madelyn were getting ready to leave, the owner
wouldn’t accept any money from Forrest.

Forrest agreed, but as soon as the owner went into the kitchen, he discreetly slipped two one-hundred-
dollar bills from his wallet and tucked them into the cash drawer on the counter before they headed out.

Out on the bustling street, Forrest and Madelyn played all sorts of games: shooting with toy guns,
popping small balloons to win stuffed animals, and he hit the target every single time. Madelyn ended
up winning a huge stuffed toy. They played a bunch of games, and all the prizes they won went to
Madelyn. She could hardly hold them all.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t take all the prizes back with her, so she asked Forrest if he could bring them
to her rented apartment.

After playing for about two hours, they had only made it halfway down the long street. They were pretty
worn out from all the playing, so they grabbed some street food – grilled skewers, Taco Bell, Arancini,
and Suppli, which were snacks Madelyn had never tried before.

Suddenly, she remembered the half- eaten candied fruit she had left behind and turned to Forrest,
“Hey, what happened to the rest of my candied fruit?”

“I ate it.”

“You ate it? Seriously? That was mine!” Forrest raised an eyebrow playfully, There’s still half a Suppli, a
meat floss crepe, half a skewer of barbecue, half a fried sausage, and half a box of potato cakes left.
Which one do you want? I took care of the other half for you… and if we can’t finish them, I might have
to toss them.”

Madelyn felt a bit embarrassed, “Well, let’s just take our time eating. I’ve changed my mind more.” – no
need to buy Forrest chuckled, “You were actually planning to get more?”

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