The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 327

Jasmine was on the verge of breaking down, seeing Zach’s silence. “Don’t you know how many lives
he’s taken? Don’t you also want him dead?”

She continued, “Why are you hesitating? Is it because of Madelyn?” Jasmine laughed sadly. “Hah. I
should’ve guessed! Zach, you’ve fallen for Madelyn!” she said.

Zach’s eyes turned cold. “I won’t let your matters disrupt my plans. It isn’t just about the Jent family
now. If you really want Hayson Jent dead, let your wounds heal first, then come and talk to me!”

Zach walked out and slammed the door shut. He returned to his room next door. Standing at his door,
he immediately noticed a slight noise coming from his room.

He opened the door and walked in. The noise was coming from his bathroom. Zach narrowed his eyes.

A few minutes later, the shower sounds stopped, and someone opened the bathroom door. Jadie
walked out in a white towel, with her long hair draped over her shoulders. Her skin was flushed, and
her eyes glistened, making her look alluring and seductive.

“What’re you doing here?” Jadie covered her chest with her hands. She looked scared and
embarrassed, ” Sorry, Zach. I thought you were downstairs. I think the water heater in my room is
broken. There isn’t any hot water, so I used your bathroom instead.

“Finish up and get some rest soon, п Zach said as he turned to leave. Just as he reached for the door
handle, Jadie ran over and hugged him on the waist. “Don’t go, Zach! Even at this point, do you still not
get it?”

Jadie had set aside her pride and civility by going to a man’s room in hopes of getting intimate with him.

She continued, “Zach, I like liked you ever since we were young. You you. I’ve said you’d be with me
forever. You said you wanted to wait till I go to college before you told me, but I can’t wait any longer


“I fear that you’ll change your mind and fall for someone else if I continue waiting. I’m begging you, take
me. Will you? Only then will I truly feel like I belong to you,” she pleaded.

Zach replied icily, “Is there nothing else you can do other than throwing yourself at men? Jadie, you’re
still a student. You should focus on your studies, not do such shameless things.”

“But Madelyn did the same thing to you, didn’t she?! And you were fine with it! Why can’t you accept
me, then? Zach…”

“That’s enough!” Zach sharply cut her off. Over the years, Zach had always gone along with Jadie and
never raised his voice at her. Today was the first time he had done so. “What did I do wrong?! I’m just
afraid of losing you!”

Zach turned around, “Let go!” “I won’t!” Jadie tightened her grip on his waist. She continued, “If I let go
of you now, you won’t want me anymore! Don’t you know how afraid I was when you went to look for
Yvonne? I was afraid… that you’d really be with her and marry her in the future.”

“Zach, I don’t want you to be with her! Jadie cried out desperately. Zach did not know how he should
respond. He was worried he would hurt her with his harsh words.

“I’m sorry.” “Za-“Jadie fainted before she could finish her sentence. Zach had hit her on her neck,
leaving her unconscious.

Zach bent over and picked her up. Just as he walked out of the room, he heard hurried footsteps.
Someone had sprinted down the stairs.

Madelyn ran down the stairs while holding the railing. When she got to the third floor, she awkwardly
ran into Zach, who was carrying a towel-clad Jadie. The towel near Jadie’s chest was loose, so it was

hard not to imagine things.

Madelyn’s breath hitched as she anxiously looked away. She pretended as if she had not seen
anything. Just then, she felt a sudden cramp in her stomach. She immediately ran downstairs and
ignored the two.

Madelyn had already been to the washroom seven or eight times. ‘No wonder Father didn’t let me eat
street food… My stomach hurts!’ she thought.

After Zach had carried Jadie downstairs, he saw Madelyn rummaging through the television cabinet.
“What’re you looking for?”

“Meds!” Rosario had the habit of keeping spare medicine at home, and Madelyn finally found the
medicine for stomach aches. She glanced at the instructions and quickly swallowed two pills. Then, she
went to the kitchen and downed a glass of water.

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