The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 319

“Don’t just stand there. Hop on the bike!” Forrest commanded. Madelyn pressed her lips together.
Actually, I’m not really in the mood to go out.”

“Still want to be cooped up at home? Come on, get on the bike, it’s freezing out here!” “Where are we

“A nice place…”

Reluctantly, Madelyn climbed onto his motorcycle. She had never been on a bike before. Forrest turned
to look at her with a furrowed brow. Perplexed by his gaze, Madelyn asked, ” What’s wrong?”

Forrest reached out, releasing her bun, and then placed a helmet on her head. He fastened the elastic
band he had removed from her hair around his wrist. He instructed, “Hold onto me!” ‘What?!’ Madelyn
was taken aback..

Perhaps due to his words or the chilly weather, a light blush dusted Madelyn’s cheeks, and she softly
grasped his clothing on both sides. ” I’m ready. Let’s go.”

“You really stubborn.” Forrest reached back and grabbed her hands, guiding them to wrap around his
waist. “Like this. Hold on and don’t let go.”

The posture made Madelyn appear intimately connected to him. Realizing it was a bit too much, she
settled for gripping his clothing instead. Forrest lowered his head, smiling without a word. He simply
revved the throttle and sped away. Madelyn let out an exclamation, “Ah!”

Colliding against his back, her heart raced. She clung tightly to his waist, urging, “Can you slow down a
bit?” “Huh? What did you say? I can’t hear you.”

“I said… slow down!”

“Oh? Go faster? Got it!” Madelyn emitted another “Ah!” as their speed picked up. They were
accelerating more and more. When they encountered a turn, Madelyn was too frightened to open her
eyes, clutching onto him fervently, fearful of falling off. She suspected that Forrest was deliberately
doing this.

Aside from the rushing wind, Madelyn heard ringing in her ears. Before she could fully recover, she
caught Forrest’s playful grin, “How much longer do you plan to hold onto me? If you keep this up, I
might have to charge you a fee.”

Madelyn promptly released her grip. Forrest stated, “Hop off.” Madelyn removed her helmet and
touched her feet to the ground, her legs still shaky. Forrest dismounted his motorcycle and steadied
Madelyn with one hand. “Can you handle this or not?”

Madelyn responded, “Well, it’s all your fault for driving so fast.” “Are you that easily frightened? Nothing
bad happened anyway, right? Come on, let’s go!” Forrest reached over, smoothing down her
disheveled hair.

Madelyn surveyed the vibrant and historic street ahead. It was a bustling bazaar with numerous
vendors peddling various wares, including an array of snacks.

“Why is there a place like this? Have you been here before?” Her eyes sparkled with curiosity. “You
probably haven’t been here, right? Stay close to me. It’s quite crowded now, so don’t get lost.”

Forrest removed his black leather gloves and handed them to Madelyn. Madelyn glanced at the gloves
and then at him, “What are these for?”

“It’s cold. Put them on,” he replied. Madelyn declined, “I’m not cold, I don’t need them!” Knowing how
stubborn she was, Forrest nodded with a smile, “Alright, then freeze if you want to.”

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