The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 325

Madelyn replied with a hint of mockery, “Is there anyone who wouldn’t be scared sitting next to a

Zach thought, ‘So she does know fear. But if she truly knew fear, she wouldn’t have been so defiant,
going out on dates with other guys.’

Madelyn contemplated, ‘He’s not defending himself. It seems like he did it. Well, what can’t he do?
Even if it’s killing someone, he’s capable of it, flawlessly.’

She pressed on, “She was with you for a year. Aren’t you sad? How could you do that to her? She
genuinely cared about you.” “Cared? Are you jealous?” He spoke in an even tone.

Madelyn’s gaze remained fixed on him, as if she was looking at an emotionless entity. With that
question, she wasn’t just inquiring about Julia; she was asking for herself too. She wanted to know how
it felt to have taken the life of someone he once had feelings for. Did he ever regret it? Did he feel
remorse for his actions? Did he ever truly care about Julia?’

Madelyn took a deep breath. ‘Never mind, he won’t answer, and I’ll never comprehend his inner
thoughts.’ With that in mind, she continued, “Someone like you doesn’t deserve anyone’s affection.”

She believed he would eventually face the consequences of his actions, and she secretly wished for
him to lead a solitary life.

“Is that so? Didn’t you try to end your own life just to win my affection?” Zach countered. A blush crept
up Madelyn’s cheeks, and she didn’t respond. She could feel his gaze on her.

Upon arriving at the Jent residence, the car came to a stop, and both of them stepped out. Zach locked
the car and retrieved some fireworks from the trunk before heading inside the house.

Hayson looked displeased as his eyes landed on Madelyn. “Why are you returning so late?” Madelyn
swiftly explained, “I went out with Zach to buy a few things.”

Hayson rose from the couch. “Let’s have dinner.”

The housemaid went upstairs to call Jadie.

With everyone seated, Madelyn settled herself on Hayson’s left side. As they began to eat, Jasmine
was still absent from the gathering. Despite the unusual situation, none of them, including Madelyn,
questioned her absence.

Madelyn looked up and noticed the servants carrying dishes upstairs. The dishes seemed to be on the
simpler side in terms of flavor. Recalling the sight of the basin of blood in a servant’s hands that day,
she wondered, ‘Is Jasmine hurt? But she went on vacation with Hayson, and they had bodyguards with
them. How could she get injured?’

Madelyn pushed aside her concerns. Some things were better left unexamined. That night, Madelyn
didn’t retreat to her room. Instead, she sat on the couch, absently flipping through a book. Jadie
occupied a spot nearby, engrossed in watching TV. Zach was engrossed in a chess match with

Occasionally, Madelyn caught Zach’s gaze, which made her feel uneasy. She stood up, set the book
down, and strolled to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, she spotted the milk but decided to opt for a
cup of hot water instead. Outside the window, a sky lantern drifted by a rare sight in Venturia, as it
hailed from East Asian cultures.

Madelyn remembered there was a souvenir sky lantern in the storage room, likely brought back by
someone from a trip. Seizing the moment when no one was paying attention, she quietly slipped into
the storage room.

She located the sky lantern in a cardboard box, nestled alongside leftover fireworks from the previous
year. When Madelyn emerged from the storage room, her attire was slightly dusty. She set the box
down on the ground. Extracting a lighter from her pocket, she attempted to ignite the sky lantern.
However, after a few tries, the lighter failed to produce a spark.

“Is it out of fuel?” Madelyn shook the lighter, hoping it might work.

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