The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 330

‘Liar!’ Zach said to himself. After the discharge procedures were complete, Madelyn got into the car. On
the way back, neither of them said a word. It was a time when one would usually feel tired, yet
Madelyn’s mind was awake. ‘Zach seemed angry just now. ‘Cause he thought I went missing? But

Lost in thought, Madelyn leaned back in the car seat and drifted off without realizing it. She didn’t know
how much time had passed while she was sleeping, but then she felt a tickle on her neck. Moving
around a bit, she had a hard time breathing. When she opened her eyes, she saw Zach’s hair. A
strange sensation went through her like electricity. ‘Zach, stop…’ She said, sounding kind of alluring
even though she was still groggy.

Her seat had been reclined, and she couldn’t get up no matter how hard she tried. “For heaven’s sake,
I’ve just come out of the hospital!”

Madelyn gazed out the car window and noticed they were in the garage at Jent residence. Her shirt
had been pulled up, and the cold air made her skin feel chilly. She held onto his hair with her fingers,
trying to stop him. But his rough fingers pressed and kneaded her sensitive parts, causing her to moan.

“Stop it!” Madelyn bit down on his shoulder when she regained her senses. Even though it was
wintertime, he wasn’t dressed in heavy clothes. His skin felt solid under her bite.

As if he was trying to punish her, he suddenly moved his hand downward, brushing his fingers against
her outer slit. Madelyn immediately released her bite, feeling restless, her face flushed. “…Don’t go too

Zach halted his actions. He looked at her with lustful eyes. “You enjoy biting? I can feel you tighten.”
“You bastard!” Madelyn’s anger flared, and she suddenly slapped him. Zach’s expression darkened.
Madelyn felt nervous under his stare.

Tears of humiliation filled her eyes, and her voice trembled, “You are so mean… We’re at my home,
right at the doorstep. What am I to you?” She covered her eyes with her arm and sobbed.

Seeing her in that state, Zach immediately lost interest. He withdrew his hand and ran his glistening
fingers across her lips. “Don’t go messing around with other guys, understood?

“You have no right to control me. Why should I listen to you?” Madelyn angrily pushed him away. “Get
off me!”

Her eyes were watery with tears when she glared at him. “If you keep treating me like this, I’ll never
come back home! Never!”

“Getting bold now, huh? Not afraid I’ll send those videos to him, hmm?”

“Go ahead, send it. I dare you. I’ll just tell Father you forced yourself on me! I’ll report you to the police
for harassment and assault! I’d rather ruin my reputation and even go as far as suicide than endure
your repeated humiliations, Zach! I’m not powerless!”

“Say that again!” Zach’s gaze turned fierce all of a sudden, his hand gripping her. Madelyn defiantly
stared at him, “I’ll say it again and again! You did this to me against my consent multiple times. It’s truly
disgusting! I’d rather live with others than spend time with someone like you. Do you get some kind of
accomplishment from forcing yourself on a highschooler? I’d rather be with Ethan than have anything to
do with you, you disgusting jerk!”

Zach looked into Madelyn’s eyes. His intimidating gaze was so inten

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