The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 326

Suddenly, a metal lighter extended from her side, causing Madelyn to jump and accidentally drop the
sky lantern she was holding. She looked at Zach, who had appeared out of nowhere. Instinctively, she
took a step back to create some space between them.

“Don’t you make any noise when you move? What are you doing here?” she asked cautiously. “Use
this,” Zach said, offering the lighter in one hand, while his other hand remained in his pocket.

Madelyn hesitantly reached out to accept the lighter from his hand. But then, he suddenly caught her
hand in a firm grip. With a swift motion, he pulled her back against him, her back against his warm
chest. She struggled, “What are you doing? Someone might see us!”

Zach’s tall figure almost entirely shielded Madelyn, making it seem like he was protecting her. As he
leaned in, his warm breath tickled her neck, sending a shiver down her spine as if an electric current
had passed through that sensitive area.

“Let them see,” Zach spoke from behind her, picking up the sky lantern. “Don’t you want to light it?
Here.” Madelyn twisted her body, “Just let me go.”

“Make another move, and I’ll take it out on you,” he playfully nibbled her earlobe. Her heart raced, and
she felt unsure how to react. She stayed still, not daring to make any sudden movements.

With their combined effort, Zach snapped open the metal lighter, igniting the wick inside. Their gazes
locked onto the flames as they watched the sky lantern inflate from the heat, gradually ascending into
the sky once it was buoyant enough.

“I heard you’re supposed to make a wish,” Zach’s voice was steady and pleasant. Madelyn responded,
“I wish from now on you’d keep your distance from me.”

Zach said, “Well, I’m afraid that wish won’t come true.” “Finished hugging? Let go! I want to go to bed!”

“Is that a hint?” Madelyn’s heart skipped a beat. She clenched her teeth. “Can you please stop having
inappropriate thoughts? And make sure Jadie doesn’t catch you.”

Upon hearing Madelyn’s words, Zach did indeed release his grip. Madelyn mused, ‘As expected, he
does care about Jadie.’

As soon as she was free from Zach’s hold, Madelyn hurriedly distanced herself from him. Zach
watched her retreat, his gaze darkening. Then, his eyes shifted to a corner. “Had enough?” His voice
was icy.

Margaret looked visibly frightened as she quickly stepped forward, her voice trembling as she
stammered, “Mr.. Jardin… I, I was just passing by! I didn’t see anything. I swear.”

“Get lost!” Margaret nodded frantically. “Right away.” Back in the living room, Madelyn noticed the
absence of anyone around. It was already eleven o’clock, and they had likely gone upstairs. She
returned to her room and locked the door.

It was three in the morning. Jasmine, who was running a high fever, finally woke up. Her eyes found
Zach standing near the French window.

Her expression contorted with fury as she sat up with an IV drip attached to her hand. Her emotions
were intense. Kill Hayson Jent! Zach! I want you to kill him right now!” Her body trembled, her
demeanor bordering on madness. “It’s not the right time yet!”

Jasmine ripped the needle from her hand, her movements unsteady as she approached Zach. “If now
isn’t the right time, then when will it be? He took me to northern Myanmar, sold me to the drug dealers,
let a dozen people take turns on me. Look at the scars on my body… Look at me! Look at me now! I
was just like Noelle once! That’s exactly how Hayson treated her! He’s a monster!”

Jasmine grabbed Zach’s arm, her voice shaking. “I’ve gathered evidence of his involvement with those
people. Once he’s out of the way, we can manipulate the will, and the entire Jent family will be under
your control! You promised, you’ll assist me!”

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