The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 324

Forrest stayed quiet, his response already clear. Madelyn explained, “I went to the Arnold residence
because I thought the Arnolds’ influence might protect me.”

She pondered, ‘The day Ethan brings his ex-girlfriend back from abroad will be my cue to leave the
Arnold residence. At that point, Father will probably still believe there’s a connection between Ethan
and me, so he won’t act against me immediately. But later, when he realizes I can’t be a pawn to win
favor with the Arnold family, he’ll sacrifice me to benefit the Jent family.’

Forrest gazed at her thoughtfully and remarked, “You’re only half right!” He knew that Ethan genuinely
cared for Madelyn. Otherwise, Ethan wouldn’t have pushed him out of the Arnold residence.

Forrest smirked slightly, thinking, Looks like George didn’t spill all the beans about what happened
between Ethan and his ex. There’s no chance of them getting back together.’

Madelyn looked at him quizzically, asking, “What do you mean?” “You’ll figure it out when he gets back.
“Forrest paused, then added, “But be cautious. If he finds out you’re using him, well…” He trailed off,
not finishing the sentence, before saying, ” Alright, I’m heading out. Get a taxi for yourself.”

Forrest turned and walked away in the opposite direction, giving her a wave, Catch you after the
break.” Madelyn mused, ‘He really does just leave like that. Finding a taxi this late might be a

As she was lost in her thoughts, she spotted a familiar car parked beneath a streetlamp. Zach was
inside, looking at her. Her heart raced, and she couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Why is he here?”

Resigned to the situation, Madelyn got into Zach’s car. The atmosphere in the car was heavy, almost
suffocating. She buckled her seatbelt and gazed out of the window. The journey passed in silence, but
she noticed a workbook placed on the backseat-it belonged to Yvonne.

She thought to herself, ‘So he was there because he was with Yvonne, not because he was following
me?’ The time was past six, and the sky was now fully dark. Zach finally broke the silence, his voice
cold as ice, “Having fun messing around with other men?”

“Did you really have to phrase it like that?” “Did I say something wrong? Are you enjoying toying with
Ethan’s feelings by being around Forrest?”

“Zach, that’s enough!” Madelyn shot him an angry look. “My relationship with him isn’t what you’re

Madelyn wanted to tell him that, if she had to compare, Forrest was better than Zach in many ways.
She thought,’ Mind your own business. You’re trying to secure a marriage alliance with the Young
family, but if they find out about your affairs with other women, even if you’re charming enough to make

Yvonne overlook it, the Young family won’t let you two get married.’ She didn’t feel like talking to him,
so she leaned over and switched on the car radio to listen to some music.

However, instead of music, a news report started playing: “In a recent police inquiry, the remains of
Julia Bullock have been discovered at multiple sites. The investigation’s findings indicate that the 20-
year-old victim fell prey to a savage animal assault, as evident from bite marks found amidst her
dismembered remains.”

Madelyn’s expression darkened, and she turned to Zach. “Is Julia’s death connected to you?” “What do
you think?”

Their eyes locked. Zach’s expression was inscrutable, making it hard for her to gauge his emotions.
Madelyn then turned away, avoiding his gaze. “Don’t look at me like that. I might start assuming you’re
the murderer!”

He smirked, “Are you afraid?”

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