The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 321

Yvonne propped her chin up with both hands, “So, this is your way of asking for a favor? Don’t forget,
you asked me to lend your precious sister a workbook! If you’re not going to accompany me, I won’t
lend it to her. I can call my chauffeur right now and have him come pick me up.”

“Suit yourself.” Zach was somewhat annoyed. He stood up, ready to leave.

Yvonne panicked and immediately sat beside Zach, gripping his arm tightly to prevent him from leaving.
Since her threats didn’t work, she softened her tone, “Can’t you just spend half a day with me? I’m
feeling lonely this long break.” She clung to Zach’s arm, shaking it while acting coquettish,’ Please!

Yvonne rarely called him by his first name. She usually addressed him as Mr. Jardin” because he was
about seven or eight years older than her.

Forrest brought Madelyn to a place filled with food vendors, but the cleanliness wasn’t great. Tables
were covered in discarded plastic containers, and a few stray dogs were wandering around the
roadside. Along with the delicious scent of food, there were also other unpleasant smells in the air.
However, most of the bad smells were masked by the aroma of grilled food.

Madelyn accidentally stepped on some food crumbs, and when she looked down, she felt disgusted
and didn’t know where to place her foot, “Forrest, what is this place? Why did you bring me here?”

“For heaven’s sake, you’re being overly dramatic,” Forrest reached out and grabbed her wrist, “Be
careful. Don’t get lost in the crowd.”

Forrest guided her through the food court and entered a narrow alley. After a while, they moved away
from the crowd, and the atmosphere became slightly quieter. Away from the bustling crowd, Madelyn
felt like she could breathe fresh air again.

They stood at the entrance of a neat and clean Italian-Asian eatery with only two tables of diners.
“We’re here!” Madelyn asked, “Are you bringing me here to eat?”

Forrest raised an eyebrow, releasing her hand, “What else did you think? With your picky attitude,
could you endure eating in the street?” He brushed off the dust from his clothes as he spoke.

Madelyn shook her head, feeling a bit embarrassed, “I’m just not used to it for now, and I’ve never been
here before. My father never allowed me to visit a place like this or eat street food.”

“Forget it, let’s go in!”

They found a spot and had just seated themselves when Forrest pulled out a few napkins, wiped the
table a few times, and then tossed them into the trash bin. “Take a look at the menu.’

“Pastina and some mini dumplings.” “Pastina and mini dumplings again? Don’t you get tired of them?”
Madelyn looked puzzled, “How did you know that I often eat pastina and mini dumplings at home?”

Forrest hesitated for a moment, then quickly responded, “You mentioned it… anyway, why are you
overthinking it?” He then made the order. Madelyn surveyed her surroundings, showing curiosity
toward new things.

“Does your dad really restrict you so much? Your mouth and feet belong to you. If you want to eat
something, who can stop you?”

Soon, the owner brought over their order. Forrest and the owner seemed familiar with each other,
chatting in a dialect that Madelyn couldn’t understand. “Is this young lady your girlfriend?”

“Not yet, but… I’m working on it.”

“Then you better work quickly. Bring her here often if you have the chance.”

“Got it.” After the owner left, Madelyn asked him, “You know the owner?”

Forrest nodded, “Yeah, I used to come here often.” “Oh, I see.” She had assumed that someone like
him wouldn’t come to a place like this.

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