The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 318

Jadie shook her head, saying, “I remember a few days ago, after the last class, I brought the workbook
home and left it on the desk. But now, it’s gone.” She paused, thinking for a moment, then shook her
head again. ” Actually, I might not have brought it home after all… I’m sorry, Zach… I really forgot.”

Jadie frowned, and Zach reached out to touch her long hair. “When the break is over, you can ask the
teacher for a new one, okay?”

“I tried calling, but Mr. Newton has already left for Sinagora. And… there’s an assignment I need to
complete, or else… I’m sorry… I keep causing you trouble.”

Zach glanced at the closed door, then shifted his gaze back to Jadie. His tone grew more serious. “I
can ask Yvonne if she can lend you her workbook.”

Jadie immediately grabbed onto Zach’s clothes her eyes pleading as she looked at him. “I don’t want
you to ask her, I don’t like her.” Zach gently removed Jadie’s hand and checked the time on his wrist.
“I’ll be back before dinner is ready.”

“Zach!” Jadie tried to catch up, but he left without pausing, striding away. Jadie’s expression abruptly
turned cold, her fists clenched. Unaware of the situation outside her room, Madelyn rested the book
against her face and drifted into a deep sleep.

In that very moment, Madelyn heard the sound of pebbles tumbling. Initially, she didn’t pay much
attention, until a loud crash followed, and an intact flowerpot suddenly plummeted from the balcony,
breaking on the ground below.

Startled, Madelyn quickly got up to assess the situation. She approached the balcony’s edge, and
suddenly, a blinding light flashed before her eyes.

Shielding her eyes from the glaring light, she squinted. She couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Who on earth is
throwing pebbles at my flowerpot and using a mirror to shine light at me?’ Glancing downward,
Madelyn finally spotted Forrest perched on the backyard fence of her house.

Forrest was dressed in a black jacket, and a pair of sunglasses rested behind his ears. He gazed at her
with a mischievous grin, all while toying with the mirror he held in his hand. Hastily, Madelyn dashed
downstairs into the backyard.

“What’s your problem? Don’t you have anything better to do? Why did you break my flowerpot?” she

Leaning back with his hands behind him, his arm tattoos visible, Forrest casually donned his
sunglasses again. Aren’t you planning to go out during the break? Staying home reading all day… you
might turn into a recluse when you’re older.”

Still shielding her eyes from the glaring light, Madelyn inquired, “Where should I go?” Forrest smirked.
“Give yourself ten minutes. Grab a jacket. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

With that, Forrest effortlessly hopped off the fence, heading toward the house that Ethan used to live in,
not giving her a chance to respond.

Madelyn wasn’t particularly keen on going out. She harbored fears that something untoward might
happen outside. In the living room, she hesitated. Assuming that Forrest’s impatience would eventually
make him leave if she delayed, she spent half an hour meandering. Finally donning a white coat, she
was about to leave when she unexpectedly encountered Hayson downstairs, sipping his tea.

“Going out?” he asked. Madelyn was caught off guard and didn’t dare meet his gaze as she responded,
“Just stepping out for a little while, then returning.”

“Alright.” Hayson didn’t stop her, assuming she was going to see Ethan. As Madelyn reached the door,
she caught sight of a sleek black motorcycle parked there, with Forrest seated on it, cupping his hands
to exhale warm air and rubbing them together. Surprised, she thought, ‘Why is he still here?’

Spotting Madelyn through the rearview mirror, Forrest turned his head. ” What’s taking you so long?
Piddling around? I’m taking you out to eat, not on a romantic date. Why waste time dressing up?” He
sounded irritated, yet he was still keeping an eye on her, mentally noting, ‘Well, not bad, though.

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