The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 315

After locking her door, Madelyn painted in her room. Her father did not allow painting, so she did it
secretly. After about half an hour, she suddenly heard a knock on the door. Madelyn quickly put away
her sketchbook and opened the door. When she saw Zach outside, she frowned. “What’s up?”

“Time to eat,” Zach said. “Got it. I’ll change my clothes and come down.” As she was about to close the
door, Zach stopped it with his foot. Madelyn, surprised and slightly annoyed, saw his foot in the
doorway. “What are you doing?”

“Can’t I come in and sit?” he smirked. “Are you crazy? It’s almost mealtime; what’s the point of sitting
down?” Madelyn felt a tightness in her chest as she looked into his deep eyes, feeling completely
helpless against him. “Fine, whatever.”

She let go, turned around, and went to her wardrobe, taking out a long cashmere skirt she often wore.
The house was heated, and she also wore leggings, so she would not be too cold. She went into the
bathroom to change, tying her long hair up with a hair tie into a bun, with a few strands of hair falling
beside her ears.

Zach sat at the desk, legs crossed, with her homework book on his knee, flipping through it casually.
Madelyn rolled her eyes mentally, not knowing what was so interesting. She thought he was just putting
on an act.

Today, Zach wore a light-colored sweater, fully displaying his mature aura. His sharp and cold facial
features gave him a very masculine appearance, especially his eyes, which seemed to hide countless
secrets. He was good at hiding his fakeness and desires.

Madelyn had been to showbiz gatherings before and had seen plenty of handsome guys, including
professional models and some

moderately famous actors. Compared to them, Zach didn’t stand out right might unknowingly feel a bit
uneasy. But this was also a person who could maintain composure in any situation.

away, but there was something distinctive about him. It was hard to put into words – just one look in his
eyes and you could tell he’d been

through a lot. He had a presence that not many others had, and being around him would naturally
make one feel a bit less self-assured. His aura had a certain intensity, and in his company, one Even
though many were aware that Zach wasn’t a good person and posed real danger, a lot of women,
including Madelyn, found it hard to resist him.

In her previous life, Madelyn noticed that the women involved with Zach found it hard to break away
once they developed strong feelings for him. However, in this life, prior to Jadie’s accident, apart from
Julia, whom she had encountered before, Madelyn

hardly saw any other women around him. So, she guessed that Julia must have been his first love
interest. But she had passed away, and he must have been aware of it. Strangely, there was no trace
of sadness or heartbreak in his demeanor. This made sense as Zach always maintained control, never
letting his composure slip, and handled every situation with ease. It was almost as if he had no capacity
for deep feelings. Such an unfeeling nature made it hard to believe he could ever be deserving of love.

Zach noticed Madelyn, sitting in front of the vanity mirror, holding a pair of pearl earrings, lost in
thought. Suddenly, she let go, and one earring fell to the floor. Reacting swiftly, Zach stepped in.

“Thank you!” Madelyn said. But instead of giving it back to her, Zach assisted her in putting on the
earring. She stiffened and didn’t dare to move.

“Lost in thought?” Zach inquired, standing beside her and shielding her from the sunlight with his tall
figure. “Nothing,” Madelyn responded hurriedly. “Need help with the other one?”

Madelyn quickly stood up. “No, I can manage. I’ll head downstairs first.” “Madelyn, Zach!” Jadie’s voice
rang out excitedly, and she soon appeared in the doorway. “Zach, you guys are so slow! I’m already
ready. Let’s go eat!”

Jadie had never been to Madelyn’s room before, and she looked around with curiosity. The room was
spacious and elegant.

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