The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 313

Forrest chuckled, placing apple slices onto a paper plate. “What’s so special about him? Isn’t he the
same as always? “He passed the plate to Sylvia while he nibbled on the leftover apple core.

“Well, he’s still your brother. You should go see him at Southern Haven Villas during the school break,”
Sylvia suggested.

“He’s staying at the Arnold residence,” Forrest explained. Sylvia’s face stiffened at that, but she didn’t
say anything more.

A month after Owen’s divorce from his first wife, he and Sylvia tied the knot. Sylvia, a girl from a small
town, was a leading actress in local plays. At 16, she met Owen, a young man from the bustling city of
Ventropolis, who was teaching in her town. Despite their seven-year age difference, they immediately
felt a connection.

However, two years into their relationship, Owen returned to Ventropolis. Sylvia patiently waited for him
for three years. During that time, he visited her and promised to return in three months to marry her.
But heartbreak awaited Sylvia; she discovered that Owen had wed another woman named Frida Young
and even had a child, Ethan.

The Arnold family were aware of Sylvia’s relationship with Owen, but they looked down on her because
of her lower social status. To hide this from the Young family, the Arnolds tried to bribe Sylvia with a
large sum of money, hoping she would forget her plans of marrying Owen. However, Sylvia rejected
their offer and left, feeling heartbroken. All the while, she kept her child with Owen a secret.

Forrest, who was three to four years younger than Ethan, was born before Sylvia got married. Her
hometown shunned her for having a child out of wedlock, and even her own parents turned away from
her. Even her own parents turned their backs on her. Sylvia took Forrest with her and moved to a
fishing village just outside Ventropolis. She worked hard at various jobs to provide for her young son,
facing many challenges along the way.

Until he was 12, Forrest had never attended school; he could only write his name, which Owen had
chosen and taught Sylvia to pen. Despite this, Forrest was unusually mature. Later on, after Owen’s
divorce from Frida, the Arnold family welcomed Sylvia, and Forrest began his education.

Owen explained to Sylvia that he married Frida because he thought he had no other option. When he
tried to visit Sylvia once, her family told him she had moved and found someone else. Owen was
heartbroken and returned to the Arnold family, but he never stopped hoping to find Sylvia again.

A decade later, Owen unexpectedly found Sylvia at a roadside stand, where she was selling fish and
clearly struggling. Seeing her difficult situation, he stepped in to help. When he confronted the Arnold
family about Sylvia, tensions rose. Once Frida learned about Owen’s past with Sylvia, she chose to end
their marriage. Owen gained custody of Ethan.

Life started getting better for Sylvia. Though she faced criticism for marrying Owen and lacked approval
from the Arnold family, her husband stood by her side. Her son, always respectful and understanding,
brought her constant comfort and never caused her trouble.

Initially, Sylvia doubted whether Forrest would ever consider Owen as his father. However, after joining
the Arnold family, Forrest’s acceptance was clear. Their past hardships, filled with hunger and cold
nights, began to feel distant. Sylvia believed that, despite society’s opinions, she had given Forrest
everything he deserved. After 12 years of challenges, providing a stable home for her son became
Sylvia’s greatest satisfaction.

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