The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 311

“What are you talking about?” Madelyn asked. Zach picked her up and tossed her onto the bed.
Madelyn’s head hit the pillow, and in the dim light of the moon, she looked up at the tall figure of Zach
looming over her. He removed his jacket and leaned down toward her.

“Did I you like the fireworks? Need a reminder of what went on?” As she tried to sit up, he pulled her
legs, making her lie back down. He leaned in, planting strong, wild kisses on her neck.

“Are you jealous, Zach? Why should you be? Remember what Hayson told you today. At dinner, you
could tell Father wanted me to impress Ethan. If Ethan finds out, the Arnold family and Father will both
be after you! Be careful, Zach. You might mess up all your plans with what you’re doing now.”

He stopped and propped himself up. His eyes were dark, and he looked at her with a mean smile. “So
what? The thing I want to do doesn’t stop me from doing what I need to do now.” For a moment, he
thought of overpowering her and forcing himself on her, ignoring decency and relishing her pain and
pleas for mercy. But he took a deep breath and controlled himself.

He knew there were many ways to satisfy his desires without resorting to violence. He grabbed her by
the neck and whispered into her ear, “If I catch you with Ethan, I’ll make sure you won’t be getting out
of bed for days. I mean what I say.”

“Zach… you’re such a jerk!” She bit his shoulder hard, and he grunted in pain. To hours later, Madelyn
looked flushed, like she was out of a hot spring. She looked mad and was staring at Zach, who was
pulling up his pants near the bed. While Zach had satisfied his desire, Madelyn felt a mix of numbness
and tingling all over, making her feel even more uncomfortable.

She tried to pick up her clothes from the floor, but her legs were so wobbly she fell down. Zach stepped
in front of her, bent down, and teasingly lifted the edge of her black lace garment with his index finger.
He truly was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Madelyn’s cheeks turned pink. She snatched it back and tucked
it away under the bed. “Can you not be so gross?”

“You didn’t call it gross when you were taking it off.” Smiling slyly, he lifted Madelyn and carried her to
the bathroom. Setting her in the bathtub, he turned on the warm water, which rained down on her fair
skin. Marks from their earlier interaction adorned her chest and back. Madelyn, with her knees pulled
up to her chest, allowed the water to drench her long hair, which she then let hang as she bowed her
head. “Just leave. I can handle this myself.”

“Try moving again, and see what happens next.” He took in her perfect figure, gazing from her head to
her toes. Zach squeezed some shower gel onto his hand, starting at her back and then gliding to her
chest, moving deliberately lower.

They had shared countless moments like this in her past life. Zach relished the sensation of his hand
smoothly caressing her skin. However, as he continued, Madelyn’s unease grew. She abruptly grabbed
his hand, her instincts telling her something was wrong. “What are you trying to do?”

“Just a little bit. Holding back isn’t good for you.”

Madelyn’s anger flared. “I’m not like you. Get off of me.” Zach’s eyes narrowed. “You want to get poked
straight through? Bleed out, I’ll finish you off right now. Do it yourself.”

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