The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 308

Ethan took a bite and said, “Not bad.” Most of the time at the Arnold residence, Ethan usually went
along with Madelyn’s wishes. This was all just to impress Hayson.

Ethan spoke up, “Back at home, I never saw you treat me this well. Why are you being so kind today?”
His gaze was fixed on her, intense and unwavering, making it hard to look away. To others, his look
seemed far from innocent.

By ‘home,’ Ethan was clearly referring to the Arnold residence. Madelyn found herself in an unfamiliar
situation, unsure of how to respond. Gathering her courage, she replied, “Here, you’re a guest, so
naturally, we treat you well. Come on, eat before it cools down and loses its flavor.”

This meal turned out to be the longest one Madelyn had ever experienced, stretching on for a full two
hours. People got pretty drunk; Hayson brought out his prized red wine, worth tens of thousands of
dollars, as well as white wine. Three of them managed to empty the bottles.

Hayson was helped back to his room to rest. Ethan was not supposed to drink alcohol. The doctor had
said it would be a very long process for his leg to heal. On rainy days, his old leg injuries would still act
up, and alcohol could make it worse. By nine o’clock at night,

Madelyn helped Ethan sit down on the couch, and Margaret brought over the hangover soup that
Rosario had made.”

“Zach, you’ve had quite a bit to drink. Do you want some soup? It’s supposed to help with hangovers,”
Jadie asked.

“No need, I’ll go back to my room. Remember to rest early,” Zach replied, his tone sounding slightly
distant to Jadie. Even his gaze wasn’t as warm as usual.

Jadie thought, ‘Is it because of Madelyn? But Zach doesn’t seem to like her. Despite her strong feelings
for him and all the crazy things she did back then, he never showed any interest. Maybe… I’m
overthinking it.’

“I get it, Zach,” Jadie said. ‘Was he not happy about the big deal they discussed at dinner?’ Both
Hayson and Zach were used to dealing with social events and drinking, and they could not avoid the
small talk and mingling that were part of those events. Madelyn, holding the hangover soup, said,
“Have some. It’ll make you feel- better soon.

“Feed it to me?” Ethan asked. Madelyn responded, “Sure.” It was evident that Ethan was maintaining
his composure. Observing the empty hallway, with only the servants tidying up the dining table,
Madelyn addressed Ethan, “You don’t have to agree to cooperate with my dad just for my sake. 11
Despite his consistent kindness, she struggled to find a way to repay him.

“The fact that your brother is interested in that piece of land on Chapel Street shows he has good
business sense, but for me, that land is really nothing special.” Ethan looked at her as if he wanted to
see right through her. The effects of the alcohol seemed to deepen his voice, rendering it all the more
enchanting. “The most valuable asset isn’t that land, Madelyn. What I truly desire… you know.”

She could smell his breath, a mix of his usual scent and the drink he had. It was not bad. Madelyn’s
heart raced in response. “I understand…”

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