The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 306

Madelyn smiled. She was touched and her heart felt a warmth that she had never experienced. In the
video, Forrest’s berth on the train was by the window. There was the most beautiful scenery along the
way. The fleeting scenes that the train passed by had been edited by Forrest into slow-motion frames
for her to see…

After watching Forrest’s video, Madelyn wished she could video call him right now so that she could
see the scene live. By the time she finished watching, it was already around three in the afternoon.

After she walked out of the library, she called Forrest’s phone number. He accepted the call after just a
few seconds, “What’s up, Ms. Jent? Do you need something?”

Madelyn, “Forrest, I’ve received them. Thank you! I’ve seen all the photos and the video. They’re very

Forrest lazily took a deep breath. His voice sounded like he had just woken up as he coldly replied,
“Okay. Got it. Anything else? I want to sleep.”

Madelyn, “Can I see the original video? The unedited footage?” “You’re so demanding. No! I’m hanging
up now.” Forrest said as he ended the call. Madelyn was not angry and merely thought, ‘I’ll talk to him
about this when he comes back.’

In the blink of an eye, Madelyn’s final two-hour piano lesson was over. On the way back home,
Madelyn bought an album to keep the photos in..

Halfway through her walk back home, it suddenly started snowing. She watched the snow melt,
covering the pavement.

The housemaid called her and told her to get home as soon as possible, since a guest had arrived
back home. Madelyn wondered who the guest was as the maid had sounded very secretive. She

quickly went home and saw a familiar car. She pondered, ‘This is…’

Madelyn entered the house and sensed an unusually relaxed atmosphere. She could hear a familiar
voice coming from the living room. Once she walked in, she saw quite a lot of people sitting on the
couch. The servant greeted her, “Ms. Jent.”

Ethan turned his head to look at Madelyn and the others did the same. Madelyn handed her backpack
to the servant as she said, “Help me take this to my room, and be careful with it.”

“Okay, Ms. Jent.”

Ethan stood up and smiled, “You’re back.”

Hayson chided her in a serious tone, Why’d you attend the class when you’re on break? You should
just rest at home. “He turned to Rosario and said, ‘ Rosario, tell the kitchen to prepare a few more

Rosario responded, “Yes, Mr. Jent.” Ethan said, “That’s okay. I just came to see her for a while, then I’ll
leave.” Madelyn realized Hayson’s gaze was signaling her to do something. She understood his
gesture, approaching Ethan and sitting close to him.

“Since you’re here, why not stay for a meal? Do you want to try my walnut cake? I have the ingredients
ready.” Ethan asked, “Wouldn’t it be a bother?”

Madelyn smiled faintly, “Of course not. I’ve been planning to make it anyway, so since you’re here, I
won’t have to ask someone to deliver it to you. Besides, walnut cake is best enjoyed when it’s hot.”

Ethan offered, “Then I’ll help you.”

“It’s fine, I can manage. You can accompany my father for now. I’ll be done soon.”

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