The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 62

Forrest kicked the overweight classmate who was sleeping next to Madelyn’s seat. The sudden and
powerful kiek jolted the guy out of his doze, and he looked up with a bewildered

expression on his face.

“Get lost!” Forrest yelled.

The guy hailed from a nouveau riche family, their newfound wealth stemming from livestock farming.
Lacking any notable interests or hobbies, he was often observed in a state of slumber. Even his
practice papers bore the telltale marks of drool stains. When he saw Forrest, his head. jolted. He
promptly rose to his feet, clearing space for Forrest.

Forrest deftly moved the chair and settled beside Madelyn, his hand casually resting on the chair’s
back. His other hand, encased in a striking cast, stood out noticeably. Nonchalantly. swaying in his
exclusive designer sneakers, he exuded the aura of an indulged playboy.

“You know Jadie White, right?” he asked.

Madelyn paused her pen. “Yes, I’m familiar with her. She’s my father’s adopted daughter. The guy she
calls her brother is also my father’s godson, but none of them are blood-related to me.

Timothy smirked and playfully taunted, “So they’re all adopted. Madelyn, you’re not secretly adopted
too, right?”

Madelyn chose to ignore his comment.

Forrest lowered his gaze, lost in thought. He lightly kicked Madelyn’s leg and muttered, “I did not ask
you about that.”

Madelyn furrowed her brow. “You don’t want to know about that? Well, then what do you want? If you’re
asking me to help you pursue Jadie, Forrest, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. Your relationship with her is
your own business and doesn’t concern me. I’m not obligated to assist. you… With the college
entrance exams approaching, you should focus on studying.”

Madelyn hit the nail on the head with Forrest. He indeed had his sights set on Jadie.

However, Madelyn hadn’t anticipated Forrest seeking her help, leaving her to wonder what was going
on in his mind.

Forrest chuckled, his tone turning icy as he licked his back teeth. “Now it’s your turn to boss. me
around? Who do you think you are, huh?”

He forcefully kicked the leg of her desk once more. “I’m asking you; will you help or not?”

Madelyn frowned, looking directly at him. “I don’t have the time, so no, I won’t help!”

That was her answer. She contemplated silently, realizing that assisting Forrest would mean

meddling in Zach and Jadie’s relationship yet again, possibly provoking Zach’s anger. She thought to
herself, “I finally have a chance to start anew. Am I out of my mind? Helping Forrest could put me in a
dangerous position.”

Timothy walked over. “Madelyn, this is a rare chance to prove yourself. Don’t underestimate it. Wasn’t
the lesson from last time enough?”

Adrian stepped forward and placed a hand on Timothy’s shoulder, shaking his head.

Madelyn organized the papers on her desk, silently cursing. These troublemakers… I can’t mess with
them, but I can steer clear.’ Then she spoke up, “I made a promise to my father to get into college.
Failing to do so would ruin my future…”

Rising to her feet, Madelyn shouldered her backpack and continued. “Forrest… While I can’t offer my
assistance, I can tell you that Jadie’s ultimate goal is Ventropolis University. If you manage to get
accepted there, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue her and even date without any interference.”

Dating was strictly prohibited at their school, but for Forrest, those rules seemed utterly. absurd!

Just as Madelyn prepared to make her exit, Forrest abruptly blocked her path, pressing his foot against
the wall behind her waist. He leaned in slightly, a half-smile playing on his lips. His narrow, upturned
eyes fixated on her. “Madelyn…”

Trapped in the confined space, Madelyn had nowhere to retreat. She asked, her voice filled. with
unease. “What are you trying to do?”

“Do you have feelings for me?” Forrest inquired.

‘What?!’ Madelyn silently exclaimed.

Forrest’s words caught the attention of everyone who had previously been too afraid to witness the
confrontation. Now, all eyes turned toward the two of them in the corner of the


Madelyn swiftly exited the classroom, determined to distance herself from Forrest. She resolved that
she couldn’t bear to be in his presence any longer. With that in mind, she sought solace in focusing on
a few sets of practice papers, hoping to regain her composure.

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