The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 305

The location was Murglor in Roshya. Other than pictures of the northern lights, there was also a selfie
of Forrest with an elk. He was wearing a black jacket and a hoodie, his hair wet with snow.

Madelyn smiled slightly as she replied: [Beautiful pictures. Thank you.]

She thought, ‘Thank you for looking at these beautiful sceneries on my behalf.” Forrest had gone to
Murglor alone. Smoke rose from the tent behind him. The time difference between here and back home
was fifteen hours. Forrest had made friends with a group of other tourists during this solo trip.

A voice in Roshyian could be heard from behind, “Forrest, it’s time to eat. After seeing Madelyn’s text,
Forrest did not reply. He put his phone away and walked out of the tent. The next day, Zach took a day
off from work and went to buy groceries with Jadie.

Although Rosario had injured her waist, she returned to the Jent residence from the hospital. She did
not know how long she would be staying there, however.

It was rare for Madelyn to have time to rest at home, but she did not want to waste any time. She
grabbed her bag and went downstairs. Rosario walked out of the kitchen, ” Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the library to borrow some study materials.” Rosario chided, “You’re on break. Why do you
still want to study? Just rest at home. I’m making some cupcakes.

They’ll be ready soon.” “Ms. Jent, there are letters for you in the mailbox!” A servant was holding a
stack of envelopes as he continued, It’s strange that people still send letters these days. What’s even
stranger is that these are from Roshya.”

Upon hearing that, Madelyn immediately thought of Forrest. Just as she took the letters, Zach came
back with Jadie from shopping, with Kevin holding two large bags. The servant greeted, “Mr. Jardin.”

Zach nodded and looked at Madelyn in the living room. Madelyn knew what was inside the envelopes
without looking at them. She thought, ‘He sent me photos?’

Rosario took the cupcakes and walked out of the kitchen as she said, “Mr. Jardin, Jadie, you came
back just in time. Here, have some of these.”

Jadie bought two bags of food and put them on the table. She said, “Rosario, why’d you make so
many? We can’t finish all this food. Kevin, Rosario, let’s eat together.”

Margaret brought over a cup of hot milk and a sandwich to Madelyn who was sitting on the couch, “Ms.
Jent, what are you looking at?

“Wow, that’s beautiful. Where’s this?” Madelyn replied, “Yes! It’s really beautiful.” Every photo was vivid
and crystal clear.

She opened those envelopes carefully, making sure not to damage the seals. Inside, there were over a
hundred photos and a flash drive inside one of the envelopes too. Everyone’s attention turned towards
Madelyn. Jadie curiously asked, “Madelyn, what are you looking at?”

Rosario answered, “It’s something a friend of hers sent over. I remember Madelyn has a friend with the
last name Arnold..”

Jadie wondered aloud, “Is it the one from the Arnold Corporation? Or… Forrest? I remember Forrest
joined a camp in Roshya.”

She looked at Zach as his expression soured. Madelyn quickly put these photos into her backpack.
She grabbed the flash drive and carried her bag, “Tell Dad that I’ll be having my final piano lesson
today, so I won’t be coming back for lunch.”

Rosario asked, “Ms. Jent, you’re not going to drink the milk?”

Madelyn walked past Zach without stopping and said, “No. I won’t drink milk anymore. From now on,
you don’t have to prepare it for me.” She took a bite of the sandwich as she left the house.

After learning that Zach had drugged her milk for the past five years, Madelyn was now traumatized at
the mere sight of milk. She got into a car and went to the library.

There were free-use public computers. On the seventh floor, Madelyn swiped her library card, found a
computer and quickly inserted the flash drive. As she accessed it, she found a video that was around
three hours long.

The video began with Forrest entering a train station. Amongst the babble of noise, Forrest’s voice
could be heard saying, “There’s a train directly from Ventropolis to Moslof. It’s over four thousand miles
in total. Remember to buy a sleeper bunk and not just a seat, or you’ll be in for a rough time…”

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