The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 302

Zach was someone who had gone through gunfire and bloodshed, since he had been involved in most
of the illegal crimes that Hayson had committed.

On the other hand, Madelyn was just a sheltered and privileged young lady who had grown up in a
wealthy family and never experienced any hardship. She had been arrogant in her previous life.
Despite being incapable of even winning an argument, she would always have a group of bodyguards
around her, so everyone would avoid her.

She had never experienced any betrayals or hardship, so her life had been smooth sailing. She had
been wealthy and never had any worries in life.

In her previous life, Cecilia had mocked Madelyn by calling her useless, and now Madelyn realized that
she had been right. In her previous life, Madelyn had indeed been a useless person, good at nothing
other than being “Mrs. Jardin”.

After seeing Cecilia attend various grand banquets with Zach and shining like a star alongside him in
the news and on television, Madelyn felt that a strong woman like Cecilia was the perfect match for
Zach. Not only were their personalities compatible, but they were also perfect business partners.

When looking at others, they always seemed to be looking down on them. Whenever Zach was around,
Madelyn always felt as if she was being belittled. “Five years ago.” As Zach answered her, he felt his
chest tighten as if it had been punched.

‘Five years ago? I was only thirteen years sold at that time. So, he’d already started drugging me since
then,” Madelyn pondered before asking him, How’d you drug me? Did you drug my food or my water?”

“We’re here. Get out of the car.” As they reached the entrance of the hospital, the words “SereneCare
Hospital” came into view.

Zach unbuckled his seatbelt while Madelyn remained seated and continued, “You haven’t answered my
question. If I’m going to die, don’t I at least deserve to know the truth?”

Zach suddenly felt the urge to smoke. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket before lighting
one up and taking a puff. He stuck his hand out of the car window as he muttered, “What difference
does it make? Fine, if you really want to know so much, then I’ll tell you. I drugged your milk with an
imported banned drug, a contraceptive. There are no side effects from short term use, but long-term
use is harmful to the body. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Madelyn wondered, ‘If it was a contraceptive with side effects, how’d I get pregnant with his child in my
past life? Even though I’d been waiting so eagerly and for so long, I wasn’t able to see my baby be
born into this world, since it was stillborn. I remember the doctor telling me back then that the fetus had
already developed into a six month old baby girl.’

It had been a lifelong pain for her that her baby had been stillborn. However, after finally getting an
answer from Zach, Madelyn felt relieved, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She thought,
‘At least in this matter, he told me the truth.’

“Thank you, Zach. You’ve been lying to me for so many years, but today you finally chose to tell me the
truth. Now I can finally, completely, give up on you. “Madelyn said as she smiled and looked out the
window. She had calmed down.

She continued, “Actually, I heard your conversation with Jadie earlier. “Yvonne is indeed your best
choice. It’s not hard to guess what your conversation with my father was about. It was all for the sake of
the company.

“After this medical checkup, I’ll undergo a hysterectomy. Consider it karma for all the bad things that
the Jent family has done. We’re even!

“Anyway, like I said before, however you plan to go against Hayson and the Jent family, that has
nothing to do with me.”

After she unfastened her seatbelt, she felt a hand suddenly caress her hair as Zach leaned forward and
forcefully kissed her. Her mouth was filled with cigarette smoke, and it made her cough intensely.
Madelyn struggled to breathe and felt suffocated as her mouth was filled with a bitter taste.

Zach thought, ‘Madelyn, did you really think you could escape from me so easily? Forget about it!’

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