The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 301

Madelyn knew the discussion between Zach and Hayson would probably take a while, so she had gone
downstairs to grab a bite to eat. She had not expected to hear such a conversation. She pretended to
not have heard anything, “What happened to Jadie? I saw her rushing upstairs just now.”

Zach glared at her and snapped, “It’s none of your business. Don’t ask.” She just wanted to bring up
that topic to cover up the fact that she had heard something that she should not have. Zach asked,
“Didn’t you just have your meal? How come you’re hungry again?”

She took a bite of the bread before saying, “I just felt like eating.” She continued, “I’m going upstairs.”
However, as soon as she took a step forward, Zach blocked her path. Madelyn cautiously took a step
back,” What are you doing?” “Follow me to the hospital.” Zach ordered.

“No!” Zach scowled at Madelyn and grabbed her by the wrist, dragging her downstairs and outside of
the hall. Madelyn almost spilled the milk in her hand and snapped, “Can you not be so rough? I almost
spilled my milk.”

She had almost scalded herself! “Just drink it in the car.” Before Madelyn could respond, Zach shoved
her into the car that was parked outside. He bent down to fasten her seatbelt before going around and
getting into the driver’s seat.

Madelyn was still holding the milk. She lowered her head as she said, “Going to the hospital won’t help.
I’ve already been to every hospital in Ventropolis, it’s useless. You should’ve thought of the
consequences before drugging me back then. Uterine deformities developed after birth can’t be cured.”

Madelyn could never figure out what Zach was thinking. She wondered,” He’s done so many horrible
things to me, so why’s he suddenly showing concern for me now? Who knows what he’s plotting now.
He’s never taken me to a hospital, but he insists on taking me this time! And right after talking to
Hayson, too. I wonder why.’

Zach remained silent as he stepped on the accelerator and left Southern Haven Villas. Madelyn was
still holding the cup of milk on the way to the hospital. She lowered her head as she said, “I’ve been
wanting to ask you a question.”

The car stopped at a red light as Zach said, “Go ahead.” Madelyn hesitated, since what she was about
to ask might worsen his mood, but she went ahead and asked anyway, When did you start drugging

The milk in her hand had already cooled. Zach tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “Do you really
want to know the answer?”

Madelyn responded, “This drug can’t cause harm to a person’s body in just a short period of time,
right? If I hadn’t found out about it at the hospital back then, I probably wouldn’t have known about my
condition for the rest of my life. Back when I was in the hospital, the doctor told me that the only way for
me to survive was to have my uterus surgically removed before my condition worsened, since the
medical report stated I was at high risk of contracting uterine cancer.

“So if I hadn’t found out about it then, when were you planning to tell me?” Madelyn was lost in thought,
‘In my past life, this was the man who slept next to me for eight years. And every single second, he
wanted me dead.’

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she felt. She felt helpless too. Even though she had
lived through two lifetimes, there was still nothing she could do against this man who had gotten blood
on his hands to attain his current status and position.

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