The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 298

Madelyn looked at her expression and realized things were clearly not that simple. However, she did
not ask further questions. Because she knew knowing too much might not necessarily be a good thing.

She then went upstairs. She thought, ‘ In my past life, Jasmine indeed got admitted into the hospital
due to illness at this time. She spent more than half a month recuperating there. But I didn’t know the
specific reason.

‘Why’s she at home this time?’ Madelyn realized after her reborn, some things seemed to have
changed but they actually did not. Things would ultimately progress toward the predetermined ending.

So, Madelyn was worried. She did not know if Zach still drugged her in this life. She also was not sure
about her current health condition. She did not know if she had any other symptoms other than uterine

She wondered if she had changes in cells that led to the development of cancer. To avoid such a
situation, Madelyn would now go to the hospital for a medical checkup every two weeks. When she
arrived at the fifth floor, she noticed that her door had been replaced. with a new regular door.

There was a four-leaf clover wall hanging above her door. When she pushed open the door, she saw
her wardrobes and bathroom were roughly the same. Her bed’s position had changed.

To her, the other changes did not affect her too much. She whispered in her thoughts, ‘The bed I slept
in had been moved to the Arnold residence. So, this bed… It’s probably brand new.’

The most important things to her were her paintings. The servants were carrying Madelyn’s things to
her room. Madelyn nervously asked, “Where are my paintings?”

“Ms. Jent, we’re not sure about this.” Madelyn then suddenly remembered the art album Ethan gave
her. She hurriedly ran into her cloakroom and found the art album hidden deepest at the bottom of her

cabinet. When she saw the paintings inside the art album, she was relieved, “Luckily everything is fine.”

Upon hearing the footsteps within the room, Madelyn quickly hid the art album. She covered it with
neatly folded clothes before closing the drawer. She then walked out.

Zach was looking around her room as he said, “The renovation is quite good. It’s just that the wind is
strong here at night. You might catch a cold. Remember to cover yourself with a blanket.” Madelyn just
ignored him, ‘It’s none of his business whether I catch a cold or not.’

She then took out her workbook from her bag and placed it on the table. She then suddenly thought of
something. She tentatively asked, “Zach, have you also returned?”

She met with his gloomy eyes. Zach squinted as he asked, “Returned? What do you mean?” Madelyn
thought, ‘So, he wasn’t reborn?

Zach took a step forward and felt her forehead with his cold hand, “You’re not sick!” Madelyn
immediately stepped back to distance herself from him, “I’m sorry. I was lost in my thoughts and
misspoke. I want to study now. Zach… Please excuse me.”

She complained, ‘When will he change his habit of barging in without knocking?!’ Madelyn sat at her
desk. The sunlight from outside warmed her hands.

Zach dragged a chair over and sat beside her, “I can teach you if there’s something you don’t

Madelyn gripped her pen tightly,” Zach, do you know what you look like now?” She looked calm when
she stared at him. She then looked at the hand resting on her leg.

She smiled sarcastically as she continued saying, “You look like a beast that has a strong sexual desire
every second.”

Zach did not mind what she said. He then pulled her up and put her on his lap. He tilted his head as he
said playfully, “So, you know how to scold someone indirectly now?”

“That’s what you are.” Madelyn continued saying without looking at him, “I still have a lot of things to
do. Please stop bothering me.”

Zach, “I said I’ll teach you if there’s something you don’t understand.” Madelyn, “I understand
everything. I don’t need you to teach me.”

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