The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 297

During dinner, Madelyn poked at the risotto on her plate. She kept her gaze on her plate as she shared
the whole story with Hayson. “… And that’s how it happened,” she finished.

Before hearing the story, Hayson hadn’t realized that the heir of the Arnold family had been living right
next door all this time. He hadn’t paid much attention to the identity of their neighbor.

“While you’re eating, remember what the table manners teacher taught you. Don’t lower your head
down too much. It doesn’t look good. We shouldn’t give a bad impression of our family at the Arnold

“Understood, Father,” Madelyn replied. She immediately straightened. her back, and Hayson’s tone
was gentler than before, not as stern anymore, “Father, there’s no need to be so strict with Madelyn at
home,” Zach’s voice chimed in.

Walking behind him was Jadie. She cast a glance at Madelyn and thought to herself, ‘It’s been a while
since I saw her. She looks even more beautiful now. Her cheeks, which used to be thin, have filled out,
making her features even more delicate.’

Zach had two boxes of tea in his hands. “Finest black tea.” Hayson remarked, “You must have put in
quite an effort to acquire them. Thoughtful of you.”

“It’s the least I can do.”After the servants took the boxes away, Zach took off his suit jacket and draped
it over the back of the chair, then sat down across from Madelyn.

“You’ve come at the right time. Have you had your meal?” Hayson asked. “Not yet. I’ve just picked up
Jadie and came home for dinner,” Zach replied.

The servants quickly brought over two sets of utensils. “Perfect timing, then. Let’s eat together. No
need to be so formal in our own home.”

“Sure, Father.” Madelyn ate her dinner slowly, listening as Zach and Hayson talked about recent
changes in their company.

Azure Corporation had taken up a new project in partnership with Arnold Corporation. They were
working on developing an old residential area into a brand-new shopping mall.

As Madelyn listened to the location being discussed, she could make an educated guess about it. ‘That
spot will probably turn into the busiest shopping area in Ventropolis someday, worth way more than it is
now. Zach must have had his eye on it right from the beginning.’

She couldn’t help but acknowledge that Ethan had a good sense of foresight. He could see the
potential in that land even before Zach did. Back in her previous life, Zach had secured that land as his
starting point for building his fortune. Eventually, that very land had helped him make a substantial
amount of money.

In her past life, Zach had acquired the land and it was his starting point to grow capital, and later,
because of this land, Zach made a considerable amount of money.

However, this time around, Arnold Corporation had acquired the land before Zach could. Zach said,
“But I’m planning to negotiate with Arnold Corporation and buy it at a fair price.”

When Madelyn heard this, her lowered eyelashes quivered, causing her to accidentally drop her food
onto the floor.

A nearby servant noticed and swiftly handed her a tissue, taking care of the fallen food. Only Zach
appeared to notice Madelyn’s reaction. He looked at her calmly for a moment before shifting his gaze

Hayson expressed his concern, “I recall that area being on the outskirts, and there are a number of old
houses nearby. It’s not a place people often visit. For Arnold Corporation to purchase that land, it
suggests the local government might be considering redevelopment. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have
gone for it. And if you want it, Arnold Corporation won’t easily let it go.”

Zach reassured, “Don’t worry, Father. I have my methods.” Hayson knew well what strategies Zach
intended to use, but he didn’t elaborate further.

‘Why is Zach so determined to have that particular piece of land? Could it be that he’s also returned?
Maybe I’m not the only one who’s been reborn?’ Madelyn’s thoughts drifted far from the dinner table.

Unable to focus, Madelyn managed to eat for around fifteen minutes, barely taking a few bites, before
excusing herself and heading upstairs. Zach and Jadie would stay a few days at the Jent residence
from tonight.

As Madelyn went upstairs, a servant hurriedly emerged from her old room on the third floor. That room
was now Jasmine’s. Madelyn was startled when she saw the servant carrying a basin filled with water
tinged with red. She asked, “What happened to Jasmine?”

The servant kept her head down and said, “She accidentally cut herself. No need to worry, the doctor is
treating her.”

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