The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 294

Madelyn kept her head down. She felt like there was an invisible weight on her chest. She wasn’t sure
if it was because she was overthinking or if it was because of the weather today.

She knew she wasn’t sad because she didn’t get messages, but because she didn’t feel comfortable

in someone else’s house.

Even though the Jent residence wasn’t great, it was still her home. The Arnold residence was not

her home.

This morning, Ethan had just asked Madelyn to go see his grandmother, but she had run away.

She was pretty sure he must be mad.

When she was at the Arnold residence, Madelyn always thought about things a lot when stuff like this

George said, “Sir, Miss Jent is here.”

Ethan responded with a nod. He was wearing a dark plaid sweater. He was tall, broad-shouldered,

and lean-waisted.

The Bentley halted at the entrance, and Ethan, holding a black umbrella, walked over and opened the
door. Madelyn stood under the umbrella, and the rain started to subside.

Ethan put his arm around her and walked with her into the big room when they got inside the building.
He closed the umbrella and gave it to George.

His brow furrowed slightly. “Why is your hair wet? Go get a dry towel.”

“I’m okay, it will dry soon.” While she talked, Madelyn sneezed.

Ethan’s expression softened. “Bertha, prepare some ginger tea.”

Bertha said, “Sure thing, sir.”

Madelyn was pleasantly surprised. She had never received such treatment at home.

But Madelyn didn’t really like bothering others. “You don’t have to worry about me; I’ll just take some
old medicine.”

A servant quickly brought a dry towel, and Ethan gently placed it on her head, helping her dry her hair.

Seeing this, everyone else left, giving them some space to be alone.

Madelyn held onto her dress nervously, not sure how to move or what to do.

Ethan looked down and met her eyes. “I wasn’t very considerate this morning, and I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault; it’s mine. I’m not used to being around people much. I was atraid I might not act
properly in front of your grandmother and upset her.”

The last thing she said was just an excuse she made up.

Realizing the “truth”, Ethan took a deep breath and smiled with relief. He had been worried she

would dislike the idea.

“It’s alright, there’s plenty of time ahead. She’s not a fearsome old witch, if you meet her, she’ll

definitely like you.

Madelyn was taken aback by the comparison, thinking, ‘Did you just call your grandmother a


Ethan saw that the drying was almost done. “I just learned how to stew black truffle soup today, would
you like to try?”

“You made it yourself?” Madelyn was slightly surprised.

“After studying recipes for so long, I had to put it into practice myself.”

Madelyn thought, ‘Do all the men in the Arnold family know how to cook?”

In the Jent family, cooking in the kitchen was always done by the women.

Madelyn sat down, and before long, a servant brought a cup of ginger tea.

Ethan held the cup. “Drink some first, it’ll warm you up.”

Madelyn took a sip, and to her surprise, it wasn’t bad. She tried a little more.

“It’s nice.” Madelyn drank most of it, feeling the warmth spreading through her body.

When she finally tasted the black truffle soup that Ethan had made, she said, “It’s a little strange.”

“Really?” Ethan tasted it and found it flavorful and well-balanced, not too salty or plain. “Maybe it’s
because you just had the ginger tea. Have a bit more, it should taste better.”

“I was just kidding. It’s actually quite tasty.”

Ethan’s warm smile grew, and he reached out to tousle her hair.

Madelyn stated, “Tomorrow, I’ll go with you to see your grandmother.”

He said softly, “No need, she’s already feeling better.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

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