The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 293

“She took my spot?” Madelyn looked at him.

Forrest gestured toward her calculus book, and only then did she grasp his meaning. She responded
with a composed demeanor, “Jadie’s grades are outstanding. Her inclusion in the Math Olympiad team
is a result of her dedication and hard work in her studies. Also, the Math Olympiad team is based on
merit, so those who perform exceptionally well earn their spots.”

“But you’re better at math than Jadie, right?”

Madelyn didn’t want to delve into this topic. In reality, being part of the Math Olympiad team would
contribute positively to her academic record and secure her admission to Ventropolis University.
However, stepping away from the Math Olympiad team wouldn’t alter her ultimate goal.

“Don’t you like Jadie? Shouldn’t you be happy for her success?”

“Who told you that?”

“Isn’t it the truth?” Madelyn narrowed her eyes.

When Jadie returned from abroad to Ventropolis High School, Forrest and her dating rumours had
become the talk of both Ventropolis High and Ventrocloud High.

He used to skip classes, often seen in Jadie’s company. Madelyn remembered, ‘People said they
spotted them on the streets, at bars, and I still recall that time in Peach Blossom Village, on the balcony
outside – weren’t they kissing?’

Moreover, when Forrest learned about Jadie being bullied, he cornered Madelyn against the wall,
holding her by the neck, believing she was behind the incident.

Madelyn thought to herself, ‘If all of this doesn’t prove Forrest’s fondness for Jadie, I don’t know what
does. Young folks these days, so reckless in their youth, they don’t seem to take relationships

Forrest denied, “Of course not!”

“Okay, got it,” Madelyn replied quietly, keeping her head down and continuing to work on her math

“Don’t you want to know more? Don’t you want to ask me why?”

Madelyn suddenly lifted her head, her gaze steady. “Who you like is your business; you don’t need to
tell me. I don’t have the habit of prying into other people’s private matters. My commitment to you was
to help you to improve your grades so that you can get into Ventropolis University. It has nothing to do
with anything else.”

She added, “Our feelings for someone are not reliable, actually. We’re all young and foolish, and
there’s a whole lot of choices ahead of us. So, our focus right now shouldn’t be on dating, but on
concentrating on our studies. Understand?”

Forrest’s expression shifted slightly. He grumbled through clenched teeth, “Oh, what a good


Madelyn chuckled, “I’m hitting the books hard to change my destiny.”

Forrest was momentarily taken aback.

She pressed on, “Same goes for you!”

Forrest shot back, “You sure talk a lot. Go study, go study! My ears are going numb!”

They grabbed a quick bite in the library and stayed until closing time.

As they exited the library, many others were leaving too. These were people gearing up for government
exams. This was Ventropolis’s biggest library, bustling every day with dedicated scholars.

Perhaps some would falter, while others would thrive.

But these were their decisions. Pursuing a civil service career might not be the sole route, but for them,
it was the most promising avenue.

Like them, Madelyn had taken her path to transform her life. In her previous existence, she had known
nothing and achieved nothing, drifting without a sense of purpose. In this life, she had chosen to live for
herself. Death didn’t frighten her. Her only dread was slipping into the same misery she had
experienced before.

En route to Arnold Residence, a heavy downpour abruptly commenced. Madelyn observed the
cascading raindrops on the car window. The rhythmic patter against the glass echoed in her ears as
she mused, ‘I’m heading back to Arnold Residence once again.”

She glanced at her phone. No messages. She wondered, “Could he be upset?’

Typically, Ethan would send her three messages each day morning, noon, and evening.

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