The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 292

Zach said, “Come in.”

Madelyn didn’t want others to see them in such an intimate position, and she wanted to stand up,

but he wouldn’t let her.

Then Kevin came in. “Ms. Jent’s clothes are all clean.”

Zach spoke calmly, “Just leave them.”

After putting the clothes down, Kevin left the room!

Madelyn squirmed uncomfortably, “Please let go, I need to change.”

Zach gently held her slim waist, “Stay here with me for a bit.”

Madelyn turned her face to the side.

“Would you like some soup?” He held a spoon close to her mouth.

“I’ve eaten enough, you should have your meal.”

“Be a good girl, okay?” Zach’s words sounded a bit stern.

He looked at her for a moment, then finally let go of her waist.

He gazed at her slender back. When he saw the faint traces of kisses there and the other marks he

had left below her V-neck collar, he felt satisfied with what he had done.

Madelyn could feel his intense stare.

Zach said, “Since you’re full, we…”

Before he could finish, she used the chance of his loosened grip and slipped away from his lap. ”

Enjoy your meal. I don’t have time to stay here.”

Taking the clean clothes, Madelyn hurried to the bathroom and locked the door. Ten minutes

later, she came out in her changed clothes. She tossed her old clothes right onto Zach’s face.

Zach, without getting annoyed, took the clothes off his face. “Feeling brave enough to be rude now?

“He lifted the clothes to his nose, catching a hint of Madelyn’s warmth and a sweet scent.

Suddenly, he felt aroused again.

Madelyn blushed as she watched. “Seriously, stop!” she silently cursed, ‘What a weirdo!”

Without a second thought, she practically dashed out of Supreme World. Before leaving, she checked
her clothes before jumping into the car.


Madelyn arrived at Skyrise Tower.

She went to after-school classes for a few hours and then spent the rest of her time at the public library.

Forrest had reached the library before her. When he waited for her, he had already finished

several sets of practice papers.

Even during the holidays, Madelyn didn’t have much free time for other things. Her progress in her
studies had also suffered a bit.

Forrest noticed Madelyn as she sat down and put his pen down. “Look who’s here! You’ve been really
busy, huh?”

“Got stuck in traffic on the way here,” Madelyn explained, taking out her study materials. She pushed
the strands of hair that were falling onto her face behind her ear and then reached into her bag, pulling
out a gift bag. “Here’s the reward I promised you last time. Can’t say I’m not keeping my promise.”

Forrest opened the bag and found a pair of black gloves inside. He smiled, clearly happy. It was also
the first gift she had ever given him. “Were you stalking me or something?”

Madelyn, who had just taken a pen out of her pencil case, looked confused. “What do you mean?”,

In the next moment, Forrest placed the pink gift bag from beside his foot onto the table. “I didn’t want to
seem impolite. This is a gift in return.”

“You got me gloves too?” Madelyn opened it curiously, and sure enough, they were soft and fuzzy in a
pink color. “Okay, thanks for the gift. Now, let’s get back to solving problems.”

Forrest nodded towards the bag. “Why are you still doing calculus problems? Weren’t you kicked out of
the Math Olympiad team?”

Without looking up, Madelyn replied, “I finished the holiday homework. Plus, I don’t have anything else
to do.”

“Classic you!” Forrest was wearing a black sweater, with his coat hanging over the back of the chair. He
propped up his chin with his pen in hand, his gaze fixed on her. “Hey, Jadie took your spot. Aren’t you

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