The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 286

Madelyn opened the car door and hopped out without hesitation.

The security guard patrolling by the entrance gate saw her. “Miss Jent,” he called.

Madelyn didn’t look up and quietly answered, quickly moving away. She still had to walk for about ten
or twenty more minutes to get to the building where Ethan was staying.

The security guard pressed the Bluetooth earpiece in his ear. While watching Madelyn’s figure fading in
the distance, he spoke to Ethan, “Miss Jent is back. A black Audi A6 dropped her off!”

Ethan asked, “Did you see who was driving?”

“No, the driver didn’t get out.”

“I see.” Ethan hung up the phone.

After a ten-minute walk, Madelyn finally got to the destination.

A servant spotted Madelyn when she quietly got to the doorstep.

The servant hurried over, and her voice was filled with concern as she said, “Miss Jent, you’re finally
here. Mr. Arnold called quite a few times not long ago. He was worried about you and

wanted to talk to you! You should give him a call!”

Madelyn replied listlessly, her voice weak. “I’ll call him later. I want to go upstairs first.”

The servant noticed Madelyn’s red eyes, as if she had been crying, and the suit jacket she had on

didn’t seem like it belonged to Ethan. The servant could feel that something was wrong with

Madelyn, but being just a servant, she didn’t dare to pry.

Madelyn walked into her room and quickly locked the door. She took out her phone, only to see that it
had no more battery and had turned off. She plugged it in to charge and then went to the

bathroom, washing off all the dirt and grime from her body.

She spent a whole two hours in the shower before stepping out. Water drops fell from her shapely
body, her long hair wet. She stood on the soft carpet with no shoes, and as she looked at the tall
window that acted like a mirror, she noticed not just the marks of kisses spread over her body but also
scratches from her nails in a few places where she had scrubbed herself. It was a distressing


Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Miss Jent, Mr. Arnold told the kitchen to make you some
chicken soup, and I’ve brought it up. It won’t taste good if it gets cold.”

Madelyn picked up a robe nearby and put it on. Thankfully, the robe covered those marks. She
answered, “Okay.”


When she opened the door, the servant stood there. She reached for the soup. “Thanks.”

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Jent. Please get some good rest.”


Madelyn put down the chicken soup and remembered she had to call Ethan.

He answered quickly, but Madelyn spoke first. “I’m sorry I made you worry. My phone died, and I just
got back to charge it.”

Ethan replied kindly, “No worries. I had Leyton go get you, but when he didn’t find you, I got worried…
thought something might be wrong. Is Rosario alright?”

“Just had a little fall… She needs some bed rest for a while, nothing serious. I am not able to join you
for dinner later. I’ve already eaten.”

Ethan’s voice was soft, “That’s alright. Just rest up now that you’re home.”


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