The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 290

Madelyn nodded firmly. “I’m certain.”

Tiger crossed his arms and smiled, thinking that she finally smiled today.

“It looks like my friend didn’t deceive me after all. But how do you know it’s authentic?”

Madelyn shook her head. “I don’t have an explanation, but there’s a familiarity in this painting

that I can’t ignore. I’m convinced it’s real.”

“I understand.” Tiger chuckled softly. “If you say it’s real, then I believe you.”

“You’re quite the savior for your friend. Not many would part with something so valuable.”

“It’s not something that’s mine to possess. If I accept it, I’ll owe someone a significant favor. And

favors have a way of needing repayment sooner or later.”

“True enough.”

“Did you save his life?”

Tiger smiled, glancing down and shaking his head. “I won’t talk further about that. Let’s grab a

meal. I’ve been away for a while, and I heard they’ve introduced some new dishes. Interested in

trying them out together?”

She replied, “Definitely.”

Madelyn didn’t feel much distance from her golf instructor, mostly because they had a history.

together. She had started learning golf when she was thirteen, and their association spanned five

years. Over this time, Tiger had maintained a comfortable boundary, never crossing lines.

Sometimes, when she was down, he would use subtle gestures to lift her spirits without being

intrusive. Just like when he showed her the painting today.

Madelyn enjoyed painting, a fact that Tiger had known for a while.

The two of them took the elevator and arrived at a restaurant within Supreme World. It was their
familiar spot. Quite a few people were there for a meal at this time. It wasn’t a place just anyone could
visit, so those who came were either wealthy or influential.

After ordering their food, Madelyn went to the restroom.

In the dim corridor outside a private room, Madelyn saw Kevin. In the brief moment their gazes met,
Madelyn quickly averted her eyes. She thought, If Kevin is here, that means Zach is too.’ She had no
idea Zach would be at Supreme World.

Realizing there was no time to use the restroom, she decided to leave.


“Sorry, something came up suddenly, and I need to leave. I won’t be able to have dinner with you

this time.”

Tiger nodded. “Do you need me to drop you off?”

“No need, the driver is waiting for me. I’ll just head there directly. I’m really sorry about this.”

“It’s okay, no need to apologize. Take care on your way back.

“Sure.” Madelyn thought to herself, ‘If I had known Zach was here, I would never have come.”

She was also relieved that Zach had been occupied with his company’s affairs lately, leaving him with
no time to bother her.

Just as Madelyn was about to step into the elevator, ready to leave, her hand was suddenly grabbed by
a force, accompanied by a pungent scent of alcohol.

In the hushed safe passage, Zach had Madelyn pressed against the wall. He leaned against her back,
his hands at her waist, lifting her hem and slipping inside, groping that tender spot.

Madelyn caught his restless hand, her voice hushed, “What are you trying to do? Someone might catch

His warm, slightly boozy breath brushed over her neck, teasing her nerves with delicious shivers. Zach,
towering over her with his tall frame, completely shielded the petite Madelyn. He teased her, peak,
each touch sending a spark, “If Kevin hadn’t informed me, I wouldn’t have known you were here.
Planning an escape, were you?”

He intended to tease her, so he playfully tweaked her peaks, causing her breath to hitch in mixed
feelings. “Hey… Hey no! Cut it out!”

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