The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 289

Madelyn had avoidant personality. Whenever she felt upset, she used to dodge her worries. When

sadness or pain hit her, she would opt to be alone, seeking solace within herself. Occasionally, she
even tried to forget, using that as a way to find some relief.

She did want to confront her problems, but fear held her back. Social interactions and specific

situations triggered her unease, so solitude became her refuge. Even when Ethan made efforts to

draw her out of her cocoon, she found it difficult to step into the open.

At the Arnold residence, apart from meal times, Madelyn mostly retreated to her room, engaging in
activities she enjoyed – drawing, studying, and listening to music. She kept to herself and

rarely interacted with others.

In the Supreme World, Madelyn’s golf instructor, Tiger, brought her a piece of cake. “Take a break

and have something to eat.”

After setting her golf club aside, Madelyn sipped some water before accepting it from Tiger’s

-hand. “Thanks.”

“I could tell something was off with you all morning. A sweet treat might lift your spirits.”

Madelyn managed a faint smile. “How did you figure it out?”

Tiger took a sip of water. “With you, it’s not too hard to tell. Some folks wear their emotions on their
faces when something’s bugging them. And for many, physical activity becomes a way to

release pent-up feelings.”

“Maybe it’s because of the stress from studying lately. On top of that, I’ve got all these different classes
that leave me with hardly any time to do the things I actually enjoy.”

Tiger crossed his left leg over his right and nodded in agreement. “Hmm, yeah, stress can really pile
up. It’s a challenge for anyone. But aren’t there some things you like within all of this?”

Madelyn thought for a moment. “I don’t think there’s anything in particular that I like. The things

I enjoy, my father never allows me to do them.”

“Do you enjoy painting? I’ve got a painting here. Would you be interested in checking it out?”

“What kind of painting?” Madelyn felt curious.

Tiger glanced at his wristwatch; practice time was already up. “Follow me.”

He led her to an exclusive office on the upper floor. In a cozy corner, a painting about three meters long
was covered by a black cloth. Tiger moved forward and revealed the artwork. “Pardon the room, it’s a
bit untidy.”

“No worries.”

In truth, his room was very clean, spotless even, giving the impression that it hadn’t been used for a

Tiger unveiled the enormous painting.

At first glance, the painting took Madelyn aback. “This…This is! Aishalya Dejean’s ‘Noctis Stellata “?
But isn’t it believed to be lost?”

Aishalya Dejean stood among the top ten most influential painters globally. She had created just five
paintings in her lifetime, each capable of mesmerizing the world. Yet, she had always remained
mysterious, never making a public appearance.

The world only knew that Aishalya Dejean had vanished after completing “Noctis Stellata”, when she
was just twenty-six. For decades afterward, she produced no more art. Speculation swirled, with many
believing she had passed away. The truth remained shrouded in mystery.

“A present from an old pal. But I can’t say for sure if it’s authentic or a reproduction. How about lending
me a hand in verifying it?”

Madelyn’s heart surged with a mix of excitement and delight that was hard to put into words.”

May I take a longer look at it?”

Tiger responded, “Sure, take your time.”

Madelyn’s fingers brushed the glass frame delicately, her gaze fixed on the masterpiece inside. The
painting’s colors and intricate details were so vivid that they seemed tangible, drawing her deep into the

Madelyn had seen Aishalya Dejean’s works only once before, and this was her second encounter.

Thirty minutes drifted by.

“It’s genuine.”

“You’re sure?”

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