The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 280

Madelyn sat on the bed with empty eyes like a broken doll.

Zach pulled out a black shirt from the closet and tossed it onto the bed. “Take off your clothes and give
them a wash. Change the dirty sheets and bed covers together.”

He walked to the doorway, picked up her pair of long white socks from the floor, and hung them on the
back of a chair before leaving the room.

Madelyn didn’t stay in his room for long. She dashed into the room she had shared with Jadie. She
removed her school uniform and put it in the trash bin. In the shower, she scrubbed herself vigorously,
trying to wash away the feeling of his touch from her skin. Her thoughts were haunted by the disturbing
scene of what he had subjected her to.

Tears welled up in Madelyn’s eyes as memories of that moment replayed in her thoughts. Though their
physical intimacy fell short of intercourse, Zach’s actions had left an everlasting mark-a terrifying
experience from which she believed she would

never recover.

‘If he had done it, I don’t think I could bear it,’ Madelyn thought.

Madelyn did not change into the black shirt he had provided her after showering. Instead, she changed
into the clothes she had left behind. Touching any of his possessions repulsed her.

As Madelyn came out of the room, Zach appeared as if nothing had happened. He set dining plates on
the table. “Come over and eat.”

“I’m not hungry. I’m leaving!” She didn’t even look at him. The trauma that he had caused her had left
her deeply averse to his presence.

“Madelyn!” His voice grew stern.

Madelyn knew he didn’t like repeating himself, and her resistance would not change his mind.
Reluctantly, she went over and took a seat. Zach handed her a set of cutleries, and she hesitated
before accepting them, her gaze fixed downwards.

Zach then served the remaining creamy chicken with broccoli.

This was the very first time that only the two of them sat at the dining table, sharing a meal.

Madelyn ate slowly, enduring his occasional touchy gestures. She had to bear with it.

“Later, I’ll take you back. We can go to the mall and pick out some clothes. You might get sick wearing
such light clothes.”

Madelyn’s hand shook, and a fork slipped from her fingers to the floor. Swiftly, she retrieved it. “I-I’m
okay, I have lots of clothes. I’ll go back by myself later.”

Zach took the fork from her and exchanged it for a new one from the kitchen. He added, “What about
Rosario, though? I remember she’s been wearing the same coat for three or four years.”

He continued, “If you truly consider her family, shouldn’t you get her something?”

Upon hearing this, Madelyn thought, ‘He’s using Rosario’s situation as an excuse to take me to the
mall. What’s his real intention?’

Despite being just a simple meal, Madelyn took her time, spending half an hour. Surprisingly, Zach
didn’t scold her for her


“I… can’t eat any more,” Madelyn admitted.

Zach encouraged, “Just a few more bites. Finish up. I’ll wait for you.”

Madelyn looked down, her voice soft and compliant. “I really don’t want to eat anymore.”

Zach checked his watch. “Fetch my coat from the couch.”

The way he asked reminded Madelyn of how things used to be before. It was like stepping back into
her old life when she

always did what he told her. Back then, she didn’t need to hear his words twice. He believed that, as
his wife, she should act

that way.

‘Why should I do it for him? We’re not married in this life! Why should I have to listen to him?’ Madelyn
thought. Feeling a surge of determination, she said, “I’m not your servant. Get it yourself!”

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