The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 275

Forrest showed up as well. As expected, this was something that caught his attention. He

slammed down his backpack, nearly causing it to slide off the table. Madelyn intercepted it and set it
down on the chair beside her. “Now that you’re here. Let’s begin.”

Forrest straddled the chair and crossed his legs casually.

Madelyn asked, “Should we start with the tutoring or have a chat?”

“Can’t you tell?”

Madelyn smiled She knew if she did not tell him, he probably would not be in the mood to study. There
was no one in the library now So, Madelyn took an art book from her backpack and pushed. it toward
him “You’re the first to see this art book besides me.”

Forrest flipped through the pages one by one. They were all landscapes sketched with pencil lines, and
Madelyn labeled each with a location.

“Is it nice?” Madelyn asked

“Not bad”

“Besides that, what do you think is missing?”

“What exactly do you want to say? Forrest asked.

“These are real places I want to visit. That’s why I want to get into Ventropolis University. I left the
pictures uncolored because I hope to see them with my own eyes one day and recreate them. I really
want to visit them in reality.

“Forrest, there are still many things in this world that I’ve never seen before. Emotional companionship
isn’t a necessity for me. No matter if it’s friendship, family, or love! Even if I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely.
In fact, I enjoy the freedom of not having friends around.

“Forrest, do you understand what I’m saying? I’m thinking about things beyond the present. The Arnold
residence you mentioned is indeed beyond the reach of regular people, including your exceptional
brother. He’s truly admirable. However, there’s something even more important for me Now, I’m
gradually getting closer to my dream. Forrest, we are actually the same. We both want to break free
from everything. We shouldn’t live like this”

Everyone should live for themselves rather than live a life without purpose.

Madelyn continued, “Now, the simplest and most convenient way is…”

She pushed a math workbook toward him, “Study hard and pave the way for your future. However,

always prioritize your health. The doctor said you have kidney deficiency. So, it’s better to focus

on improving your health before anything else.”

Forrest asked, “This matter isn’t going to blow over, is it? You even believe in quacks. Sooner or

later, I’ll make his clinic shut down.”

Madelyn reached out, leaving Forrest puzzled “What?”

“Confiscating your cigarettes”

“You’re even meddling in my affairs now.” Forrest chuckled, yet a lingering sadness remained in

his eyes

“I’ve already told you everything you wanted to know. Now it’s time for you to fulfill your promise.”

Forrest readily pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. “You’re really damn nosy!”

These two brothers were quite something. They even shared the same habits, such as smoking

the same brand of cigarettes and having similar tattoos.

Tutoring until half past eight, the time is almost up. Madelyn closed the book, “It’s getting late.

You can stay in that apartment for now. I’ve rented it for a year but won’t be there often.”


Exiting the library, the rain outside continued to fall incessantly. In the chilly winter, the rain was

always icy and piercing. Forrest held an umbrella, shielding her from the rain Under the

streetlight, two figures walked, one in front of the other.

In the darkness not far away, Ethan appeared. He had a tall and elegant posture, dressed in a gray

suit. He held a black umbrella and approached. Madelyn and Forrest both stopped in their tracks.

Upon seeing the approaching person, Madelyn was stunned. Then, she turned to Forrest and said, ”

I’ll be going now.”


Madelyn stepped closer and stood under Ethan’s umbrella, and they walked away together. She

inquired, “Why didn’t you give me a call? Do your legs still bother you when it’s rainy?”

“Not much.”

“I’d already committed to helping Forrest with his studies. I can’t go back on my word.”

“Yup, I understand.”

“Aren’t you upset?” Madelyn questioned.

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