The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 271

At this moment, Leyton stepped up and said, “Sit, we’re running out of time.”

After placing the necklace on Madelyn, Ethan gazed at the moon-shaped pendant resting on her

chest and grinned with joy “Madelyn, I’m going to head back to the office for now. You relax at

home, and I’ll catch up with you later tonight”

“Okay,” said Madelyn and watched Ethan leave.

George also hoped that Madelyn would stay. Ethan’s illness hardly got better. The Arnold family

tried their best, but they believed he wouldn’t live for more than a few months. Fixing physical

problems was easy, but healing emotional wounds needed time. Ethan was probably the only one.

who could help himself live a regulat life.

‘Compared to Mr Arnold’s ex, I wish Madelyn stays by his side from now on” George thought as he

said, “Mr Arnold has a room ready for you Please follow me

Madelyn followed George and rode the elevator to the filth floor. They stopped in front of an open


“Ms Jent, this is your room. Mr Arnold’s room is next door. We thought you might not feel used to

being here, so everything is set up just like your place ”

Madelyn looked around, noticing even the painting was in the same spot. ‘Did they bring all my things
from my home? Did they even move the bed?”

George continued, “There’s also a walk-in closet. If you don’t like this style, we can change it


“Thank you,” Madelyn said.

“No problem. Get a good rest, Ms. Jent. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Okay,” Madelyn replied. When George left, she entered the room and looked around. It was bigger
than her room at the Jent house. But Madelyn didn’t really feel like admiring it.

‘Ever since I left the Jent residence, something’s been bothering me. I’m not sure if it’s all in my head’

Suddenly, Madelyn heard voices. “Did you see the lady just now? Is she the one Mr. Arnold used to


I don’t think so Her face is covered in rashes I don’t know what’s wrong with her i Amsex

caused him a lot of pain and left for abroad. It can the her

But this is the first time I’ve seen him bring a lady home!

Yeah wonder which family she’s from

Ethanxes? Is that who George talked about? I saved him when he risked his life for her, and it

looks like fate: Madelyn thought she didn’t feel jealous at all

1 saved Ethan’s life, and he helped me escape the Jent family We’re even now

As night fell the Arnold house lit up. The balcony on the fifth floor offered a view Madelyn

should we greeted the hists as a guest, but it was late afternoon, and nobody had disturbed her

Maybe Mi and Mis Arnold St doesn’t know I’m here. That’s fine for me too I’ve always been

afraid of dealing with trivial things

Madelyn went down for dinner and the servant brought the last bowl of soup “Miss, Mr. Arnold

prepared all this based on your likes. They’re mild in taste, and there’s walnut cake too Give it a


Madelyn looked at the table full of delicacies. There was so much, she couldn’t eat it all. Next

time, fewer please I can’t finish all this ”

“Don’t worry. Miss If there’s leftover food, we’ll use it for the animals on the ranch No waste

“There’s a ranch here?

“Yes! Pigs, cows, sheep-raised here. The meat in the kitchen is from them Mrs Arnold Sr grows

vegetables, fruits, and wheat too. This meal is from her garden ”

“Really” Madelyn was surprised


With that explanation, Madelyn got curious Ethan’s grandparents were once important in

Ventropolis After retiring, they seemed to enjoy a peaceful life

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