The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 270

Ethan’s grandparents liked to do botany in their free time, So, they made a big garden where they grew
all sorts of flowers and plants. Right next to their huge house was an old maple tree that had been
there for like 500 to 600 years – that’s a super long time!

The Arnold family had been in the business world for a long, long time, like a whole century. When a
civil war happened. Ethan’s grandparents became the leaders of the Ventropolis Chamber of
Commerce. They stayed leaders for a really long time, and it was passed down through their family.
The Arnolds were all about keeping old things going, like a rule that they all had to live together, unless
something special happened.

Ethan resided in a mansion distinct from the primary one, although it was situated in closest proximity
to the primary mansion. Meanwhile, his grandparents chose to reside in a serene locale elsewhere on
the estate.

Madelyn had assumed Ethan would take her somewhere like the Southern Haven Villas. She wasn’t
ready for him to bring her right to the Amold residence.

Madelyn had anticipated that Ethan might take her to a place like the Southern Haven Villas.
Consequently, she was caught off guard when he brought her directly to the Arnold residence.

Seeing everything around her, Madelyn felt a mix of awe and strong feelings. She thought to herself, ‘I
never imagined the Arnold residence would be on such beautiful land. There are mountains, rivers, and
lakes here, and lots of people to keep it safe all day and night.”

Her amazed feelings also had a bit of sadness because of what had happened in her past life. Zach
had used Forrest to hurt the Arnold family and destroy everything, even this very spot.

Seeing a really old and Important family just disappear like that really affected her. Zach had done all
that damage in only three years, which showed how mean he was. In her new life, Madelyn really
wanted to stop the bad things that happened before. Remembering what Zach did made her realize
again how cruel he was.

She thought, “After getting away from the Jent family, what will Zach do to get back at me?’

“You like it here?” Ethan asked.

Surveying her surroundings. Madelyn estimated that the estate encompassed an expanse equivalent to
ten Supreme Worlds. Compared

to this, her home probably seemed really small to Ethan.

Madelyn nodded and said, “It’s really pretty.” She felt this way because she used to live in a much
fancier place than the Arnold one. Back when she was called Mrs. Jardin, she lived in a place Zach
made that was super fancy. She stayed there for eight years, only leaving when he kicked her out, the
same day he brought in Cecilia and their son. Thinking about it made her heart hurt.

“If you want, George can show you around. I can’t stay with you right now because of stuff at the
company!” Ethan saw that she didn’t look happy, even though he thought she would be.

Madelyn shook her head and chuckled a bit, saying, “Nah, it’s okay. People would probably be
surprised by how I look now.”

Ethan laughed too and said. “I might have tricked you a bit earlier. I just wanted to make sure you eat
something. I hope you’re not mad.”

She quickly said, “Nope, not at all.” She thought, I should’ve known better.”

They stopped by the entrance to his mansion. Ethan said, “I made sure things are quiet here. If you
need anything or if something comes up, just tell George.” Then he took a fancy black box from his suit

Inside the box was a necklace with a crescent moon pendant he had given to Madelyn previously.
Ethan carefully took it out and asked, ” George found this necklace when he was packing your stuff
from the Jent place. Can I help you put it on?”

An invisible weight settled upon Madelyn’s chest. Her departure from the Jent family was expected to
bring relief, yet her arrival at the Arnold residence left her feeling disconcerted. It was the feeling when
one was relying on another’s charity for survival.

“Sure.” Madelyn agreed.

Ethan came close and she could smell a fresh scent around him. He gathered her long hair to one side
and gently put the necklace on her, almost like he was claiming her. When the clasp closed, Madelyn
fell all sorts of feelings inside her,

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