The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 263

Madelyn nodded and made muffled sounds.

Just as Zach was about to untie her, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

The hotel manager entered the room with a basin filled with water and Ice cubes.

“Mr. Jardin, try wiping the rashes with cold water. It may help alleviate her condition,” he said.

“Thank you. I’ll take that.”

Zach took over the basin of ice water.

Even after Madelyn was untied, she did not dare to show her face to others.

‘My face is completely swollen! I look hideous!’ she thought.

Seeing how the hotel manager did not leave, Zach asked her, “Is there anything else?”

The hotel manager smiled professionally and said politely. “Mr. Stewart from Room 1606 asked you to
foot the bill. Please take a look…”

The hotel manager noticed Zach’s demeanor and figured he was probably from a wealthy family. She
did not dare to offend him, so she spoke politely.

Zach paused what he was doing and retrieved a black wallet from his coat. Then, he pulled out a credit

The hotel manager immediately smiled and took the card, “This is the procurement list. You may refer
to the cost of the door here…”

“There’s no need.”

“Alright. I’ll process this for you right this instant.”

The hotel manager promptly left the room.

Hotels typically used heavy-duty security doors, so one could imagine the amount of force Zach had
used to kick down the door.

Zach gazed at the person hiding under the blanket, “Are you trying to suffocate yourself to death? Stick
out your hand.”

“Go outside. I’ll wipe it myself. You don’t have to do it for me.”

Zach darkened his gaze, “Do you want me to drag you out from the blanket? I might be rough, and if I
hurt you and you cry, I won’t care.”

Madelyn waited momentarily and reluctantly stuck her hand out of the blankets.

Then, she immediately felt an icy feeling on her hand.

She also felt his gentle movements. This was something she had never experienced from him in their
past lives.

‘He’s always hated me. Why’d he suddenly change? Maybe it’s because I’m still of some use to him if
I’m still alive. If I were to suddenly

die, he might have trouble explaining things to Hayson Jent. Anyway, alleviating the itchiness with Ice
water does help slightly,” she


Half an hour later, the helicopter Kevin had arranged arrived at the hotel entrance.

Madelyn changed her clothes, put on a face mask, and wrapped a scarf around her head. Then, she
followed Zach out of the hotel.

They boarded the helicopter, and Madelyn watched the hotel shrink underneath them as the helicopter
gradually ascended.

There are still hundreds of people stranded in the hotel.”

She heard Zach’s voice. “You can’t even take care of yourself, yet you’re worried about others? Sit

Madelyn said to herself. “If it weren’t because of him, I wouldn’t have ended up this way in the first

The snow-capped mountains looked incredibly beautiful from up in the air.

It was a place she was determined to visit someday.

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