The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 265

By the time Rosario arrived, it was already twelve noon. She had made some pastina before rushing

When she saw Madelyn still asleep, she did not wake her up.

Kevin did not want to stay there any longer and left Immediately after explaining the situation to

Just as he entered the elevator, he noticed people from the Arnold family in the hospital.

‘How strange. What’s Ethan Arnold doing here? Could he be here for Madelyn?” he wondered.

However, Kevin did not dwell on the matter any further. He pressed the button for the basement floor
and left.

Leyton trailed behind Ethan, holding a briefcase. They were walking in a hallway.

“Ms. Jent was stranded in the snowy mountains for two days. She’s alright now.”

Ethan said, “In the future, report any matters regarding her to me as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

After Ethan found out Madelyn’s ward number, he quietly went inside while Leyton waited outside.

Rosario looked at the unexpected visitor and asked, “Who might you be?”

She gave the man a once over. He wore a gray suit and had tattoos peeking out from under his shirt
collar. Seeing his tattoos, Rosario felt a little wary.

‘He looks like he’s in a gang. Madelyn never associates herself with people like this,’ she thought.

Ethan lowered his voice, “I’m Madelyn’s friend. Is she…okay?”

Rosario nodded.

“Madelyn just fell asleep. Is there something you need, mister?”

“Nope. I missed her, so I came to visit,” replied Ethan.

‘Is he… Could he be the good friend Madelyn spoke of?”

At this thought, she asked, “Are you the friend Madelyn made walnut cakes for?”

Ethan smiled and nodded.

“She…mentioned me to you?”

Rosario laughed.

“I’ve been taking care of Madelyn since she was a child. She’s never had any friends, and you’re the
first! I remember seeing her cook. It was such a rare occasion… I can’t believe you’re that friend!

‘The first?’

Ethan looked at the girl-who was still fast asleep-and a smile formed on his lips.

“Madelyn’s still asleep. If you have something to give her, you can pass it on to me. I’ll give it to her
when she wakes up.”

‘No worries. I’ll wait for her to wake up,” replied Ethan.


Rosario kindly set down the things and gave the two some space.

However, Madelyn remained asleep up till the afternoon. She was awakened when she felt a cold
sensation on her lips.

She blinked and slowly woke up.

Madelyn thought she was dreaming when she saw the familiar face before her. When she finally came
to her senses, her first reaction was


‘I’m so horrendous right now. I don’t want anyone to see me,’ she thought.

She said with a muffled voice from beneath the covers, “What’re you doing here?”

Ethan tried to wet her lips with a Q-tip when he noticed how dry they were. He did not expect to wake
her up.

“I heard something happened to you. I was worried, so I came to visit. You haven’t replied to my
messages for a long time… Madelyn, I’m very worried about you.”

Ethan had been busy handling issues from the previous shareholder meeting for the past few days and
had only recently managed to make time to visit.

He had already silenced the people involved in the incident at school. Once Madelyn returned to
school, she would not hear a single word about the incident.

“What’s the use of this school if they can’t even handle such a small matter?” he thought.

“I’m fine! You should just go back,” she told Ethan.

Just then, Rosario entered the room.

*Madelyn, you shouldn’t be so rude to this man. He’s been watching over you for five or six hours.”

“It’s nothing.” Ethan defended Madelyn. He continued, “You just woke up. Do you want something to
eat? Rosario made you some pastina. Shall I leed you some?”

He spoke to her in a tone as if he were coaxing a child. It was slightly doting and affectionate.

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