The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 269

“Discharge?” Rosario and Jadie looked at George, feeling puzzled, while Zach remained calm.

Zach’s deep brooding gaze sent Madelyn shivers, She ignored it and did not utter a word.

Jadie asked Madelyn, “What’s happening?”

However, George explained, “Mr. Arnold enjoys Ms. Jent’s cooking and has invited her to temporarily
stay with the Arnold residence to care for him. We had prior communication with Mr. Jent, and he

With a worried tone, Rosario asked, “Care for him? Madelyn hasn’t fully recovered from her illness yet.
Besides, how could Mr. Jent agree to this?”

Madelyn thought. Heh, why wouldn’t Hayson agree? If It wasn’t the Arnold family today, It would be
another. He nurtured me as a tool for his purposes. Wasn’t I just a bargaining chip?”

The Arnold family, a magnate of Ventropolis, was the epitome of wealth and power. The Jent family
paled in comparison.

Hayson wasn’t even fit to shine the Arnold family’s shoes. Especially since Ethan personally requested
this from Hayson-how could they refuse? Hayson would’ve sent Madelyn over at the mere mention.

“Since when does a servant have a say in Jent family matters?” George retorted coldly.

Madelyn reassured Rosario, ‘Don’t worry, Rosario. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Rosario glanced at Zach, who remained silent. She said no more.

*Ms. Jent, should we arrange a wheelchair?” George inquired.

Madelyn shook her head, “No need. I’ll leave after changing.”

“Very well. Mr. Arnold is on a phone call outside. We’ll wait by the door, Ms. Jent, George Informed.

Madelyn nodded.

Once George left, Jadie finally exhaled. The aura of elite family butlers was unparalleled.

Zach had yet to speak, but Madelyn sensed his displeasure.

Before leaving, Rosario packed some homemade pastina. She couldn’t ear

herself, but she wanted Madelyn to have it.

As Madelyn settled into the luxurious Rolls-Royce, a convoy of luxury cars trailed behind.

“Shall we go?” Ethan asked, gripping her hand. His hand perfectly enveloped hers.

Madelyn nodded. When they exited the hospital, she subtly pulled away her hand. Softly, she said, “I’ll
rest a bit. Wake me when we arrive.”

“Of course,” Ethan replied.

The Arnold residence occupied Ventropolis’s most high-class residential area. The land’s value was
astronomical, beyond imagination.

Even the wealthy couldn’t dream of such opulence.

The Arnold residence also had other different lodgings besides their primary mansion building. These
lodgings were all inhabited by members belonging to the bloodlines of the Arnold family.

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