The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 266

No one would willingly reveal their least appealing side to others, regardless of the circumstances.

Madelyn was taken aback by Ethan’s sudden arrival.

“I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat Just yeL” Madelyn expressed. However, before she could complete
her sentence, the aroma of cilantro wafted in, and an ill-timed growl emanated from her stomach.
Playfully, Rosario chimed in. “Madelyn seems concerned that her appearance might not be at its best
and feels awkward about being seen.”

“What happened to her face? Wasn’t she fine?’ Ethan asked, intentionally leigning ignorance.

Rosario teased Madelyn, “Your lace has already healed. It looks perfectly fine.”

Madelyn gingerly touched her face and found it to be less painful than before. With this assurance, she
revealed her face. Though still slightly swollen, It had considerably improved, and the red spots on her
neck had faded as well.

Besides that, Madelyn was already hungry.

“I’ll eat on my own,” Madelyn asserted.

“You still have an IV attached to your hand. Allow me to feed you,” Ethan insisted, positioning a spoon
near Madelyn’s lips. At this juncture, it seemed she could no longer refuse.

“Sorry for troubling you,” Madelyn said.

Ethan offered a gentle smile and replied, “No need to worry.” If feasible, he would willingly feed her
every day.

Madelyn thought someday, she would have to reciprocate these kind gestures.

She took a cautious half-bite to prevent scalding herself. She then inquired, “Rosario, why does the
flavor seem different from before?” Rosario addressed her query, “Jadie mentioned that adding pepper
would enhance the taste. I wasn’t sure if you’d appreciate the change. so I brought some for you to try.
So, how does it laste?”

Madelyn closed her eyes and softly uttered two words, “It’s okay.” Actually, she preferred the original

Ethan saw that she was in low spirits and said, “Do you enjoy eating pastina? | can bring some for you
next time. If you don’t like the taste with the added pepper, we can omit it.”

Madelyn asked him. “Can you?”

Her fondness for pastina stemmed from her mother. Rosario had shared that Madelyn’s mother used to
frequent the stall next to the bus stand that sold pastina. Subsequently, Rosario had intentionally
learned the recipe. Despite using the same ingredients, the flavor was always slightly lacking compared
to what they had by the bus stand.

“Why not?” Ethan responded, then shifted his gaze to her neck, “Why haven’t you worn the necklace I
gifted you? Don’t you like it?”

Madelyn’s heart sank as she explained, “No, the necklace is too valuable, and I’m afraid of losing it.
That’s why I’ve kept it. I promise to wear it next time.”

With this, Madelyn resumed ealing the pastina Ethan was feeding her with a sense of detachment. She
even finished all of before passing the bowl to Rosario. Ethan fetched some tissues from the side and
gently wiped the comer of her lips. As the tissue touched her lips. Madelyn shifted uncomfortably.

“Stay still,” he softly urged.

Once he was done, he discarded the tissue Into the trash bin. He then addressed the others, stating,
“I’d like to talk to Madelyn alone.”

Rosario replied, “Of course, I’ll leave.”

As Rosario exited, Madelyn found herself under Ethan’s Intense gaze as he began to speak, “I’ve
already spoken to the school. You can return next week, and the incident won’t be brought up again.”

Nervously clutching the bed sheets, Madelyn’s thoughts raced. ‘Did he already find out?”

She continued pondering, ‘Of course, he did. There were many people at the library that day. But at
that moment, I truly had no other

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