The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 264

The hellcopter landed at SereneCare Hospital within an hour.

This was the last place Madelyn wanted to be.

“You know I didn’t want to come here!”

“You’re still being picky when you’re this swollen? Would you rather dle, then?” Zach snapped.

Madelyn retorted defiantly, “You and those people are in cahoots. You all want me dead. I don’t want to
go here…”

Zach-who was already on the stairs to the hospital-suddenly stopped.

Kevin was also present, but Madelyn did not care if Kevin heard her. Kevin had always been incredibly
loyal to Zach, and had even betrayed the Jent family for Zach.

In their previous life, Kevin and Cecilia had been right-hand aides. The two of them had played a
crucial role in Zach’s ascent to power.

Zach turned around and silently gazed at her with his dark, unreadable eyes.

Kevin said with slight displeasure, “Ms. Jent, we’re already at the hospital. Please stop being difficult.
Your condition might worsen.”

“That’s none of your concem. I can get a cab myself.”

Madelyn turned around and left.

‘I won’t die just because he’s not around for a while,’ she thought.

Zach turned to look at Kevin, “Drive the car to the General Community Hospital.*

“Mr. Jardin!”

“Hurry up.”

Madelyn acted as if she did not hear their conversation and quickly walked away.

She walked to a nearby bus stop and hailed a cab. Just as she opened the cab’s passenger side door,
Zach closed it from behind her.

Without a word, he hoisted her up by her waist.

Madelyn slapped him on his back, “You thug! Let me down!”

Zach swiftly threw her into the backseat of Kevin’s car.

“Kevin, lock the doors!”


The car doors were locked.

Madelyn winded down the window. Zach grabbed her by the collar and pinched her swollen face. He
looked at her icily and threatened.” Make another sound, and I’ll use you as shark bait.”

Madelyn shuddered upon hearing his words.

Zach released Madelyn after seeing her finally quiet down. He put some ointment onto his finger and
rubbed it onto her with a look of disdain.

Madelyn angrily patted the place he had rubbed ointment on. Then, she scooled over and moved to the

They arrived at the General Community Hospital.

After some tests, it was discovered Madelyn was allergic to taro and mango.

She had eaten desserts containing both allergens In one go, so it was only natural for her to have this
much swelling.

Madelyn lay in the hospital ward with an IV drip. It was going to take at least three to five days for her
swelling to subside. She was not to take any spicy food within the next few days.


Madelyn did not answer.

“After this, I’ll have Rosario bring you a change of clothes. Come home with me once you’ve

Madelyn lay down and pulled the covers over her head. She refused to look at the deceitful man’s face.

Zach’s phone rang. He walked out of the ward and answered the call. It was about work.

By the time he hung up and returned to the ward, Madelyn had already fallen asleep.

He instructed Kevin, “Rosario can’t make it to the hospital anytime soon. Stay here and keep an eye on
her. Don’t let her run off.”

‘Given Madelyn’s nature, she might just attempt to sneak out of the hospital on her own after this. Now
that she’s willing to leave even Rosario behind, there’s nothing left that she cherishes in the Jent


“But the company matters…”

“I’ll handle them when I get back. Watch her closely. If she runs off again, your quarterly bonus will be

“Yes, sir!” Kevin nodded.

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