The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 259

Madelyn coldly said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know any gentlemen here. He might’ve mistaken me for
someone else.”

The waiter explained, “It’s the gentleman who sat at the same table with you today.”

Madelyn firmly responded, “I’m sorry, I don’t know him. Please take it back.”

Upon seeing her being so firm, the waiter did not bother her any further.

Madelyn closed the door and pressed the “do not disturb switch.

At the twelfth-floor bar’s scenic viewing platform, Kai said, “I brought you here to enjoy the snow and
relax. Why do you look so upset?”

Kai had his arm around his date as he poured two cups of high-grade black tea, giving one to the
person sitting opposite him.

Kai grabbed the cup and smelled the tea, which was mild but luxurious.

He took a sip and put the cup down.

He asked, “Why didn’t your date join us? Did you have an argument?”

Then, a waiter walked over and said, “Mr. Jardin.”

Zach coldly said, “Speak!”

The waiter was terrified by the frightening aura emanating from Zach. He spoke meekly, “The lady
declined the desserts when I delivered them to her. She also said that she didn’t know you.”

Zach looked gloomy and cold.

Kai understood what was happening, and his smirk widened. He said, “Bring the food over here!

We’ll deliver them ourselves later.”

The waiter responded, “Understood. Please wait for a moment.”

Shortly after, the waiter pushed a cart over. The table that had been set for tea was now filled with
desserts and whatever could not fit was placed at the sides.

Kai thought, This is my first time seeing someone embarrass Zach like this. No one else would

“She’s gotten smarter. She won’t eat anything suspicious,” Kai joked. “Zach, you were so

determined before this. I thought you’d hold out until Hayson kicks the bucket, but I didn’t expect you to
soften toward her so quickly. Stop wasting your effort. There’s no turning back from what you’ve done.
Is Madelyn Jent really worth all this effort?”

Zach’s eyes looked gloomy as he said, “Mind your own business!” He then uncrossed his legs and left

Indeed, Madelyn did not dare to eat any suspicious food. She had learned her lesson.

She took a nap. When she woke up, it was already around si

in the evening.

She got up from bed and went to the restaurant for dinner before going to soak in the hot spring.

When she returned to her room and switched on the lights, she was shocked by the man sitting on the

She remembered closing the door properly when leaving her room, so she wondered how he had
gotten in without the room card.

Madelyn snapped, “This is my room, Zach! Who let you in?! Get out!”

There were also some desserts on the coffee table in front of him

She pondered, ‘Aren’t those the ones the waiter brought over just now?’

“Come here!” he ordered, totally ignoring her words.

Madelyn subconsciously took a step back as she was scared. She knew him too well, and knew he

was angry right now. She was too terrified to imagine what he was going to do to her.

She quickly ran out in a panic and pressed the elevator button to go down.

The next second, she felt a sudden pain in her scalp…

She felt her hair being grabbed. She struggled and shouted for help, but in the end, she still could

not run away from Zach. He dragged her back into the room.

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