The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 258

Julia did not come from a prestigious family background. A year ago, her father had borrowed money
from a casino’s loan shark because of his gambling addiction.

When he could not repay the loan, he had used her to repay his debt. She was sold to the

underground club of Supreme World to work as a hostess.

She accompanied guests to drink but she did not engage in sexual activities for money. One time, a
guest went berserk and dragged her into a private room, trying to rape her.

As she was escaping, she met Zach.

After Zach helped her and learned of her situation, not only had he not looked down on her, but he had
even supported her to continue her education. At that time, she had already dropped out of school to
earn money. Without Zach, Julia would not have her current life, nor would she be able to study

Madelyn was packing up and getting ready to leave the hotel. When she went to the front desk to
check out, the receptionist told her that she could not check out due to a natural disaster. Due to heavy
snowfall last night, a snow avalanche occurred on the mountaintop, and the snow had

blocked off the roads.

The power supply to the cable car was cut off too. Due to the major avalanche, several nearby areas
were experiencing power outages.

Currently, the hotel was using emergency power, which would only last for about eight hours.

The relevant emergency workers had all arrived to help the hotel and those who were trapped in

the cable cars.

It seemed like everything was going wrong for Madelyn today. After meeting Zach, she

encountered a series of unfortunate events.

It was unclear when the road would be accessible again, and Madelyn had not brought many

clothes with her.

She returned to her room.

As soon as she opened the door, a hand from behind suddenly pulled her close. She was then

pushed forcefully, her back, against the door. When she realized what happened and saw the


She forced out a nonchalant expression as she looked at the person in front of her. Now that they were
alone, she did not need to pretend they were close siblings.

Madelyn said, “Why’d you leave your girlfriend and come over? Won’t she be mad?”

When Zach had touched her just now, Julia had looked like she was going to kill her. Madelyn did not
want to be seen as a rival in love.

She wondered, ‘Hmm… How did Zach know I’m staying here?’

Zach looked at the suitcase she was holding. He frowned before looking right into Madelyn’s eyes, as if
he was looking deep into her soul. He suddenly lifted his hand and tried to touch her cheek as he

asked, “Madelyn, are you jealous?”

Madelyn did not allow it to happen and moved her face to the side. Upon hearing his ridiculous claim,
she just chuckled softly without speaking.

She pondered, ‘Jealous? What’s he thinking?”

She dragged the suitcase past him, put it to the side and just ignored him. She took her phone out and
saw there was no signal, so she could not make any calls. It seemed she could only wait for the road to
be cleared before she could leave this place.

Zach was staring at her. She looked at him from the corner of her eye as she said, “Why are you still
here? I want to rest.”

“Don’t you want to ask something?” Zach walked closer to her.

She responded coldly. “It’s your relationship, and it’s none of my business. I have no right to ask.

Madelyn could not stand being in the same space as him. The idea that he might have been intimate
with a woman a few hours ago before coming here made her feel extremely disgusted.

‘Whatever. If he wants to stay, I’ll just let him stay.’ She told him, “Remember to close the door when
you leave.”

She then took out a book about psychological healing. The doctor at the hospital had told her that she
was suffering from moderate depression, so if she could not feel better from the medication. he
encouraged her to read more to ease her mood.

She sat on the couch and removed her shoes before placing the book on her knees and turning to the
page she had stopped at previously.

Only after Zach left could Madelyn finally relax completely. As long as he was around, she could never
have any peace of mind.

After half an hour, someone knocked on the door. As Madelyn opened the door, she saw a waiter
standing by the door holding a variety of desserts.

“A gentleman asked me to deliver these to you.”

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