The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 257

Julia realized she had misspoken She broke the awkward silence as she said with a smile, That’s right
You shouldn’t be in a relationship when you’re in school. You should focus on your studies now” Her
tone clearly showed that she was terrified of Zach too

Madelyn lowered her head to look at the fruit juice in front of her and stirred it with a straw. “I’ve been
suspended from school, so I took this opportunity to relax a little. I didn’t expect to run into

you two here.”

She added, “By the way Julia, how long have you been dating my brother?”

Julia looked very happy as she hugged Zach’s arm She affectionately leaned on him and said, “It’s

been almost a year now.”

She turned to Zach and asked, “Right, Zach?”

He was drinking his water, so his facial expression could not be seen When he glanced up, his

expression was emotionless. He put down his glass without a word and did not respond.

None of them knew what he was thinking.

Madelyn stared at Julia’s face and felt that something was off. She found Julia quite familiar, and

that her eyes looked somewhat like her own.

She looked at the snow outside through the window to calm herself. I don’t think that’s possible.”

Madelyn said, “Wow, it’s my first time hearing that my brother’s been dating someone for so long.

Zach, if Julia hadn’t mentioned it, how long were you going to keep it a secret?”

Julia was shy.

Zach’s eyes darkened as he replied to Madelyn with a slight smile, “Are you blaming me for not.

telling you?”

Madelyn replied, “Of course not! You’re not young anymore, so I’m happy that you have someone

you like.”

“Is that so?”


Madelyn felt uncomfortable being stared at by him. She grabbed her phone and pretended to reply


attend to, so I’ll have to leave now. Julia, my sister-in-law, you can come and visit our home next time.”

Julia was elated upon hearing Madelyn address her as such. She smiled as she stood leaving so
soon? Let me walk you out.”

Madelyn rejected, “It’s fine. My friend’s already here to pick me up. You two have fun.”

Julia offered, “I’ll walk you to the elevator then.”

“Sure.” Madelyn did not refuse her this time.

up, “You’re

Julia then walked Madelyn to the elevator. After that, Madelyn politely said goodbye to Julia.

As soon as the door of the elevator closed, Madelyn’s smile disappeared. She put her hand over her
pounding chest and breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against the elevator wall.

She felt very uncomfortable just being in the same space with Zach, let alone having to eat with him.
She would not be able to take it if she had to stay any longer.

Julia returned to the table and sat down, happily enjoying the dessert. Suddenly, she thought of
something and put down the dessert spoon before asking, “Zach, before this, I was worried that your
family might not like me… We’ve been dating for so long. When are you going to introduce me to your

“You? Are you worthy?” A hint of fierceness flashed past Zach’s eyes, and his tone was extremely
harsh. Julia was terrified.

Usually, when they were alone, Zach would stare blankly at her. He also often asked her to make some
strange facial expressions, as if he was making her imitate someone. However, Julia did not dare to
ask or say anything.

He always told her that her eyes were beautiful.

When Zach was with Julia, he looked emotionless most of the time, with only the occasional

gentle look. She had never seen him look so frightening.

Julia was so scared that she did not dare to talk, and her face turned pale.

She thought, I’m indeed unworthy. I had inappropriate thoughts about Zach today because of

what Madelyn said just now. I thought Zach really liked me…’

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