The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 256

Madelyn was not very surprised that Zach was seeing someone new. She thought, ‘Even if he has
someone he’s interested in, he can’t change his habit of fooling around’

Madelyn exchanged phone numbers with her skiing instructor, but it was just a formality. She was
probably never coming here again since she thought she probably did not have a talent for skiing

The temperature here was frigid, and despite wearing thick clothes, Madelyn still shivered. As she was
preparing to leave, Zach began walking toward the girl Madelyn was wearing goggles and a mask,
trying to conceal herself completely.

‘As long as I don’t speak, Zach won’t be able to recognize me.”

She decided that it would be better for everyone if she pretended not to see him.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream, “Get out of the way!!”

Madelyn lifted her head to see. Someone had lost control and was rushing down the slope towards her
at breakneck speed. Madelyn was frozen in fear and could not bring herself to move out of the way.
She just watched helplessly.

The next second, a figure rushed out of nowhere and hugged her waist, pushing her out of the way.

Madelyn’s pupils contracted as she stared at the person sliding down the slope. He had been standing
but was now rolling down the slope covered in snow.

Madelyn slowly came back to her senses. When she recognized the person who saved her, she calmly
said, “Thank you!”

“Zach!” Julia Bullock immediately walked toward them and pulled Zach away, “Dear, why’d you risk
your life to save her?! Let me make sure you’re okay!”

Zach did not even glance at her. He gloomily looked at the person in front of him, “Madelyn, are you not
even going to greet me when you see me?”

A hint of emotion flashed past his eyes.

Madelyn knew she was not going to get away with it.

She faintly smiled as she said, “Why would I do that? I just didn’t want to disturb you.

Julia’s dislike toward Madelyn disappeared completely, and she suddenly looked friendly.

She said with a polite smile, “So, you’re Madelyn. I’ve heard about you at school before. I’m a year
ahead of you. I’m Julia Bullock. I’m currently studying performing arts.”

Julia extended her hand, and Madelyn shook it. “Hi, Julia.”

Julia said, “Since we’ve met, let’s hang out together.”


Madelyn thought, Today isn’t even a weekend. What are the odds? If I knew Zach would be here, I
definitely wouldn’t have come. I feel like a third wheel just being around them.

After that, they left the skiing area and went to the restaurant upstairs.

Madelyn sat alone on one side of the table. Julia ordered some food before telling Madelyn, “I’m not
sure what you like, so I just ordered a bit of everything. I often come here with your brother. Take a look
and see if you like what I ordered ”

She then handed over the menu with the selected food to Madelyn. Madelyn glanced at it, but she was
not in the mood to eat. With Zach here, Madelyn just wanted to leave as soon as possible. She
responded, “I’m fine with anything.”

“All right then” Julia handed the menu to the waiter before continuing, “The desserts here are really
good. I’ve had them a few times. Madelyn, why’d you come alone? Your boyfriend couldn’t accompany

Madelyn replied, “I don’t have a boyfriend yet.”

Julia looked surprised, “You’re so pretty. It’s too bad that you don’t have a boyfriend”

Zach coldly interrupted, “She’s still in school.”

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