The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 255

The skiing area was a few minutes’ walk behind the hotel. After Madelyn changed into the skiing gear,
she hesitantly used the ski poles and slid clumsily.

Marcel said, “Don’t worry. Just move with confidence and try to control the rhythm of your movements.
I’ll catch you if you fall.”

Madelyn had never done any extreme sports before this, so naturally she felt somewhat nervous. Even
with protective gear on, she was terrified of falling, but she was looking forward to skiing. She wanted
to be like the people down there sliding gracefully down the slope, but she did not dare to even move…

Marcel walked beside her and taught her how to control the snowboard. He said, “Stop thinking about
how painful it’ll be if you fall. Otherwise, you won’t learn.”


She clenched her teeth and started to learn. However, after half an hour passed, she still had not
gotten the hang of it, while the eight year old boy nearby had already gotten used to it.

There was also a delicate-looking girl nearby who had fallen countless times and had even thrown a
tantrum at her instructor. She had actually come with who Madelyn assumed was her boyfriend, but he
had already slid down the slope in his ski gear on his own.

“Dad, look, that woman is so stupid! I’ve already got the hang of it, but she still hasn’t.” That boy

pointed at Madelyn, laughing and making fun of her with no hesitation.

His father immediately covered the boy’s mouth as he lectured him, “Don’t be so rude. Quick,

apologize to that woman!”

Madelyn was offended. ‘Woman? I’m just an eighteen-year-old girl, and he called me a woman?

How rude!’

Madelyn gave a faint smile as she said, “Kid, hasn’t your dad taught you to keep your mouth shut if you
have nothing nice to say? Be careful, or your mouth will rot, and all your teeth will fall out!”

It seemed like the little boy believed her warning and instantly broke into tears. His father could

not console him no matter how he tried…

Madelyn knew it was time to leave the scene.


“Mr. Miller, let’s go to the other side!”


Madelyn believed that if that little kid could pick up skiing, she could too. Though most people were at
the slope, there was a flat surface at the top for beginners. The instructor was patient, as most men are
with pretty ladies, especially since Madelyn had the figure and appearance of an international movie

When the delicate-looking girl saw Zach return, she pushed her ineffective instructor away and went up
to Zach.

She said, “Zach… Can you teach me? This idiot can’t even teach me anything. What kind of an
instructor is he? Can you stay with me, Zach? I’m scared, but with you by my side, I’ll have nothing to
worry about.”

Upon hearing that familiar name, Madelyn stopped in her tracks.

She thought, ‘Zach? Why’s he here?’

Madelyn did not dare to think about the relationship between Zach and the woman. She

immediately lost interest in skiing after she heard his name.

Marcel supported her as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Madelyn responded, “Nothing. I can’t seem to get the hang of it. I’ll try again tomorrow.”

“Sure, what time tomorrow? Tell you what, why don’t we exchange phone numbers? If you want to

ski in the future, you can look for me anytime. I’ll even teach you for free.”

Madelyn nodded, “Okay.”

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